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    I accidentally deleted all the files in Filemanage, makes the web inactive!!!

    Check your Trash Bin in File Manager. If its not there, then its permanently deleted and cannot be restored.
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    Website Crash

    You will have received an email (given during WordPress install) with the details.
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    New User requesting help

    Click the WordPress Manager is Softaculous, then click Scan button and proceed scanning, then you will see your installation. Else, you can manually delete all files from File Manger/FTP and delete MySQL database from your DirectAdmin Panel.
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    Can I point my X10 Domain to CloudFlare nameservers, to use Cache and CDN, and boost performance of my website? I have tried doing so but there are some problems. First, I want to ask isn't it allowed? I am using WordPress and the TTFB is sometimes very high, so I was trying to use CloudFlare.
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    Making Site Fast

    What are some of the recommendations to make WooCommerce (WordPress) fast and get at least 85% Percentage Performance Score in Lighthouse?
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    Resolved Imagick Support for PHP 8.0

    Thank You very much
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    Resolved Imagick Support for PHP 8.0

    Imagick, a PHP Module, is installed till PHP 7.4 in your hosting. Can you please install this module to PHP 8.0 as its recommended by WordPress for its best performance.
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    Disk Space Upgrade

    Please can I have a disk space upgrade?
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    Resources Limit

    There are no such problems. My Website is running fine and I haven't received any Resource Hit Warning by Email. It just shows up in DirectAdmin Panel in the Resource Usage App.
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    Resources Limit

    My website is currently in development only and only I use it. But that limit warning is also shown just after I install WordPress and started to use it. At that time, there were no plugins or themes. Still Resources used.
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    Resources Limit

    I am using WooCommerce (WordPress) and in DirectAdmin (Resource Usage), I am seeing that Resources are being overused. You have reached the limits within the past 24 hours CPU resources limit was reached for your site I/O usage resources limit was reached for your site Any way to fix this...
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    Magento Error

    Thanks for the reply. I have found out the problem: Magento requires more then 50,000 inodes while I have a limit of 50,000. Is that limited in free hosting? I understand that Magento is very complex as compared to WooCommerce, OpenCart, PrestaShop etc
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    Magento Error

    I installed Magento in my website: Newer versions were not installing because of insufficient space. Can I have a disk upgrade to 1.5 GB or more? I tried installing old version of less space, which shows 503 Error. What can be done to use Magento?
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    Upgrade Disk Space

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    Upgrade Disk Space

    Please upgrade by disk space