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    i am back after so long

    Welcome back. I've been away for months too. I got a job but now I quit and maybe start once again with my online adventure. I feel like I'm going to be luck this year :D
  3. cheezo

    Creating a simple image gallery plugin using jquery

    Thanks I have downloaded the imageslider, all I need is to change the image names and upload it right? I could use it for my travel site gallery. :D
  4. cheezo

    What is the best way to get traffics?

    if you will just be planing to get traffic and jsut letting everyone know your site exist go for youtube video marketing.
  5. cheezo

    what's up everyone?

    Welcome to x10hosting. I'm also from Philippines :D
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    try to submit a ticket. maybe you forgot to login here for a long time.
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    Exchange Links with my Website on Real Estate

    if you can still loggin back pm me. i'd exchange with cebu properties
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    Posting in forum once a month

    however, they would be glad if you participate.
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    How to make your site faster, smarter, and safer!

    if you just upload files with small file size, you'll definitely make your site faster. but it still depend on the bandwidth though
  10. cheezo

    Check out my Website.

    you have unique contents. my advice is to get a real domain even the .info extension and work with it.
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    503 Service Unavailable

    Every time i edit my wordpress blog thats hosted in x10hosting, i get this error. Why is this happening?
  12. cheezo

    Will Anything Better Than the Ipad Ever be Made?

    how about amazon kindle fire,I think its good too. saw someone using it while i'm in the bus and I think she's enjoying using it.
  13. cheezo

    how to make money with my blog or webpage?

    chitika might just be what youre looking for, chitika pays through paypal unlike google adsense. your site however must have tons of traffic to earn through them
  14. cheezo

    how ot get a nice domain

    i believe this is true. domains are even deindexed these past few days. why don't you get a .info domain as they're almost free.
  15. cheezo

    Creating a custom 404 page?

    where in .htaccess will i add it?
  16. cheezo

    404 Not Found

    it was just fine yesterday but today i tried loggingin site is fine though but logging in is the problem
  17. cheezo

    Review My website

    if you are concern about the SEO, i think you shouldtry a cms that you can update regularly without going into your codes. try wordpress
  18. cheezo

    Review, School of Phenomenal Memory

    i think the main index should at least tell what the site is about. nice graphics by the way. also you need a favicon. :D
  19. cheezo

    wanna link exchange with jewelry blog/site

    any pr. if you wanna link exchange with jewelry blog/site,pm me. :D
  20. cheezo

    Easy way to earn money

    Seeking workers complete your Tasks is actually harder. its a lot easier to sell things on ebay