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    Paid Hosting in Credits

    Okay, I was doing some calculations/searching, and I noticed that Corey will offer paid hosting for credits, but doesn't have a set amount. Now, for my idea: Judging by the 7000 Credits Payout for $5 that means that 1400 credits is equal to $1 (7000 divided by 5.) Therefore, a month of the...
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    MyBB Installation/Upload Help

    Okay, as I've always used horrible hosts (compared to x10) I've never used an FTP. I downloaded FileZilla yesterday, can someone give me instructions on uploading and installing MyBB? The FAQ on their site wasn't too helpful. And yes, I realize this seems like a n00b question coming from...
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    How to upload/install MyBB using File Manager

    Well, SMF is just too unstable for me. You guys can still anwer my questions on the other thread, though. Anyways, it seems relatively easy to install MyBB through FTP, but I don't actually have an FTP Client. :nuts: My Dad randomly looks through my computer, claiming that he's updating, and...
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    SMF Posts Problem

    I run SMF and I have to say, it's got a lot of bugs, although this one may have been related to a thrid party mod. I was uninstalling the Ad Mod in favor of the Globabl Headers & Footers, but as soon as I did it deleted all the content of every post. And now, everytime you try to post...
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    SMF Mod Problem

    I'm having problems with installing Mods on SMF. Anytime I install one, it only writes about half the files. That leads me to believe it's something wrong with the FTP. I really want to get the Global Headers & Footers/Ad Mod installed already, so I don't get suspended. Just to make sure...
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    Give 'em a hand

    Cheers to the staff, especially Corey. He's been under fire a lot lately. You know, I've noticed that out of every 1,000,000,000 threads, there's only one "x10 Awesomeness" thread. And there is definately something wrong with that! So, come on, give 'em a round of applause. They definately...
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    Site Outage

    I was working in Fantastico, trying to install Site Builder > Pro Edition. I had to delete public_html, which, for some odd reason, I did. However, then I restored it, and everything worked fine for a while. Then, I got a "Page Not Found" error. After that, a "Forbidden" error. Anyone have any...
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    Redirect Index

    I believe Corey said you didn't have to edit the original index page (which I have no need for, at the moment,) as long as you redirect the index to an actual working part of your site. Is this correct?
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    SMF Help - Install Mods - 25 Credits + Up Rep Per Mod

    I've never used SMF before and I have to admit, I'm having some trouble. For instance, the Global Headers and Footers aren't working! Anyways, I'll pay 75 Credits + 3 Up Reps if you do all of them, or 25 Credits and 1 Up Rep for each on you do. The Mods: SMF Global Headers & Footers SMF Shop...
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    Okay, say you have a really horrible webhost and they only allow you two choices: HTML only or a CMS with no editable/addable/etc. HTML. By this, I mean completely bare-to-bones HTML, no CSS/Java/whatever in it...
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    The "Graphix 4U" Shop - Renders, Custom Buttons & Updates to Your Graphics

    Okay, well, I have numerous IMPs (Image Manipulation Programs.) So, for the less fortunate (other wise known as people without Photoshop) I'm opening up a shop where I make renders, custom buttons, or update existing graphics. However, renders (and any other graphics, of course) MUST comply...
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    Delete Website

    Website: Server: Ad-enhanced cPanel name: avaski I created this one without realizing I already had my one site limit. Thanks. P.S.: If you happen upon my other website,, the ads will be placed as soon as the Global Headers and Footers mod...
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    Mambo Open Source Ad Problem

    Is there any automated way to put ads on every page of a Mambo site? Or do I have to put x10's link in manually on each page? I'm trying to hurry up so my account doesn't get suspended. DX
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    SMF Ad Problem, neither of the Mods work. DX

    Okay, I just installed a forum, but neither modifications listed in the sticky worked. I'm using the default theme and everything. All the mod does is make a blank line under my Configuration menu. Any ideas? P.S.: Here's a link: It runs on SMF 1.1.4.
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    Greeting fellow Homosapians...or BOTs -_-

    Wow..I can't believe it took me this long to find such an awesome host. Anyways, hi guys!