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    URGENT!: Premium Hosting Payment Methods Not Working

    Dear spacresx, Nice to hear from you! You have always been a great help to me in the past. I do appreciate your response to my "nervous-Nelle" plea. X10hosting has never disappointed me in the past, and the streak continues! Thanks to Eric S and the fine people at the Billing Department, my...
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    URGENT!: Premium Hosting Payment Methods Not Working

    Hello I know this is the Free Hosting Community. That's why I am posting in the "Off Topic Section." I am posting because I have a premium shared hosting account with X10hosting that I pay monthly. The card on file has insufficient funds and I would like to add a new card, like I always have...
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    Error Code E624518B3C11B817D on trying to sign in. Need forum assistance.

    Hello. Need to login to my site but some error codes are preventing me from doing so. Need assistance or feedback on what is going on Thank you
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    Error Code EC491B77238B05918. Got to support forum for assistance

    Hello. Just realized that I had my VPN software on. Once I turned it off, I was able to access cPanel without a problem. CASE RESOLVED!!
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    Error Code EC491B77238B05918. Got to support forum for assistance

    I trying to access my site and can't get in. Tried several times and got error codes EC491B77238B05918 and EFF18EC2B8B395666. Now I will say that a couple of days before I had requested a password reset but was not able to follow through on it. That day I tested my old password several times...
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    Resolved Free Account Migration

    Hello I would like to know if I get to keep my free site if I migrate to a premium account. I would like to have both. If anyone knows, I would sure like to know the answer. Thank you
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    Resolved Help! Cannot View My Web Site

    Guess what? I deleted my index.html file by mistake! That's was the reason my site wasn't showing. Thanks spacresx for getting me to review my site and find my own mistake. Have a great day!
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    Resolved Help! Cannot View My Web Site

    Thank you, spacresx. I will try reading up on some more forums. I did make changes I'll check into that as well. I downloaded my backups as zip files so I'll restore them too and see what happens. I still would like a staff member to provide some assistance. So I hope they will still be viewing...
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    Resolved Help! Cannot View My Web Site

    Hello, I need some help. I have been faithful in accessing my free account weekly, and never been locked out. I made some changes to my website, but when I tried to view it, I get a "403 forbidden" stating my site cannot be view on this server. I really would like to view my site and need some...
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    Is irc chat still available

    To any one out there, It seems that the irc chat room link has been disabled. If this is the case, I'd like for anyone seeing this post to please respond and tell me if that's the case. I have no idea if I've been banned from IRC. All I keep seeing is an HTTP 404 error page, whenever I click...
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    Chat Room Link is not working

    I cannot acces the irc chat room. The link produces a HTP 404 Error. Perhaps some one could check this out
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    Posting in forum once a month

    'm pretty sure the update was just logging in to youy account portal instead of the community forum. Still, I like to do both. So much information gets added in the news and announcements, you've got to keep up. And as for the features of the forum, I have yet to exhaust them. Seems to me there...
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    Just Saying Hello

    I know that logging in to the Account Portal is the correct way to keep one's account active. But, I figured I'd log into the community forum too. Have a Great Day!!
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    I feel x10hosting is better than other free hosting providers.

    I agree. I've had no problems with x10hosting. In fact, the volunteers have been of great help! And I haven't even explored all the extras availvable at the community forums. I'd recommend them to anyone
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    Welcome All

    I'm not new, but I am a recent member. To all the new members, welcome. I hope you will have a great experience here.
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    Loveing x10hosting

    It's time to check in, so here I am. While I'm here, I just want to compliment the staff at x10hosting. I've heard some mixed reviews about the service at this company, but thus far I've found the service to be excellent. I think that matters considering I'm new to alot of this web stuff. The...
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    Introducing Myself

    Hi! I'm autostoneware91. Posting for the first time. Still need to learn about all the rules to posting etiquette, but wanted to make contact. Especially before the "31-day" deadline. See Ya!