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    delete my acc pls

    I moved to new hosting please delete my account account here and my data. this domain no longer point to here. thanks for nice days here, but i go loacaly.
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    MMORPG's: Whats Good? apart from WOW?

    Silkroad Online The server is usually full, and it very hard to connect. Anyway the play is very good and the game is very interesting.
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    Mail login from my main site

    Hello I wana login into mail system not from but from my main site. How to move username and password input boxes on it ?
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    hi i was invited here by a frend, to check what is about this hosting :happysad:
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    subdomain and mail acount problem

    hello again seems like now both htpp:// and is fine. thanks to good support here about it... but now i got some other nasty problem 1st - subdomain do not work is not working :dunno: 2nd - i send a mail trought my old acount...
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    Non-english site

    hello... my site is still now working properly ( at least right now ), but i wana ask , becouse i just looked at TOS closely and something very dissapoint me if i understand it right .. so i ask for clerification : - Can i setup a site on Bulgarian+English language dedicated to development of...
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    Still wrong resolving - help plsease

    I've made the changes as i understand to made it, but seems like still haveing problems with resolving. my Domain "" is resolved wrong what is my problem ? I atach a screenshot of my Domain name provider records that i made. Please check it and tell me what is wrong with my...
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    CNAME - how to get it

    hello my site is how to know my : A record CNAME record MX record NS record ( if it's something differnt from ) ( this is requesting by my Domain provider )
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    hello My name is Jordan , I'm a student in bulgaria, and this shall be my first multiple-options host. :cool: