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    Resolved SSL is only working properly with www.*

    Thanks for the reply. The 404 error is due to a similar issue I've faced before, which I believe is fixed eventually (I added a redirect from "" to "", but it caused a redirection error and the page did not load, so I deleted it and now it's giving a 404 error)...
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    Resolved SSL is only working properly with www.*

    Edit: I think I've already set it up. Website is working with SSL and there's no need to use www to access it. ----- Hey there. I've recently added a custom domain as a Domain Pointer (alias) in DirectAdmin, and for SSL I have already setup the Cloudflare DNS in Freenom, which is where I got...
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    Resolved My site keeps showing 404 error

    That's right, I just opened it and it's working. I don't know how it happened though. I was only testing redirecting the site to a different page and it suddenly stopped functioning for no reason, but I'm glad it's working now.
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    Resolved My site keeps showing 404 error

    Hello. I was testing the redirects feature on my site and now it keeps displaying the 404 error even though I have already deleted the redirects, and the wordpress files are still in my /blog subdirectory. Is there something I should do to fix this? My website used to work fine. There are no...
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    SSL via cloudflare not working

    AFAIK, the SSL will only work if you access your website through www (eg: ). I once tried it on my website with subdomain, and it showed up with valid SSL, certified by "CloudFlare Inc".
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    Changing (sub)domain name

    Hello! Can I request a change in my (sub)domain name? I couldn't find an option to do so in the settings and I do not want to create another account for that (x10hosting doesn't allow multiple accounts anyway, but it's fine). I have already deleted and backup'd everything just in case, so it...