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    Need help with starting off my website

    While I would tend to agree that starting off manually is probably best, I think that softaculous is fairly reliable assuming that the host keeps it up to date on their end and modifications to the core of the install aren't made, which obviously for someone who is just getting started this...
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    Some PHP Help

    What I really want is to give someone ftp access and have them fix it for me if anyone is interested...
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    Some PHP Help

    So does anyone have somethin for me?
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    Some PHP Help

    the problem isn't with the login script it's my main page that I want to change depending on if someone is logged in or not but I shall post everything and maybe someone can edit my main page :P This is what is on my index page that goes to my dynamic page that contains my login information...
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    Some PHP Help

    so would any of you masters like to have a look at my script and fix it for me? to be honest what you guys are putting in above doesn't look at all like it would work with my login script :(
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    Some PHP Help

    Ok the only problem... I have ended the session cookie however... I have all the login information on my main page... I have a members.php which says "Welcome (username). You are logged in" And my login script. However, once I've logged in I can't make it change on my main page back to the...
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    Some PHP Help

    I'm designing a website and I really need some help with php. I have a login script however I can't make it log out like I want it to. I also want to be able to have a type of admin page, which would require a user to log in to see, where there would be a form that would ask for a title and...
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    Need some help

    Voted, maybe you could explain how that's going to help you?
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    Problems with Windows Vista...

    Some things you could try.... Go to microsoft's homepage and download Service Pack 1 for vista if you haven't already. Be sure you do updates on your PC at least every other day because they come out about that often. And the last thing you could try is to run your browser as an...
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    New to x10 - How's it goin?

    Hey welcome to the community. Be sure to check out X10Radio at If you ever need help your always welcome to join the radio IRC chat because there's quite a helpful group of people there. If you ever need any help you can always pm me as well.
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    Your weakness?

    Love... I'm a lover not a fighter so when my girlfriend needs something I tend to give in.
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    Never knew x10Hosting was so close :P

    Meh who needs to visit corey's home... just stalk him in IRC :P
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    review my template

    Very nice template. I'd change the title font color to maybe black. Also work on your tables they just seem sorta bad when it doesn't reach the bottom of the page.
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    Unsuspension Request for Jober68

    cPanel Username: Jober68 Domain/Subdomain: How long your account has been up: A few months Suspension Reason: Unknown ----------------------------------------------------- Other Details:: It says i'm not suspended but I can't go to my website without...
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    CSS Guide

    This is not a completed guide and I will add more with each passing day until I finish it. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet and is used to add decoration, color, positioning, and other great things to your website. In other words it is used for making layouts. CSS is often combined with...
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    BB Code Guide

    For those of you who don't know BB Code is what almost all forums use for posting. Just a little guide I worked up many sites include something similar. Here are some BB codes you can use on this forum. Bold Text CODE This is sample text This is sample text ---------- Italic Text CODE...
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    Basics of HTML

    <a href="">Appearas</a> This code is used to create a link to a url address. <abbr title="et cetera">etc.</abbr> This code is used for abbreviations and when you hold your mouse over the abbreviation it will appear as the title you have inserted; in this case you...
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    Error has occured

    When I log into my CPanel I get this message When I go to my website page I get this My account name is Jober68 as well if that helps any of the admins out