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    Unknown Database?

    Hi I went into cpanel today and I noticed an extra database that I didn't make it's just called "kamcraft" and it wont delete, the other 2 are fine.
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    Cossacks Httpd down

    Cossacks Http is down again. Edit: Still down and the users are getting frantic :)
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    Hi I have a program that requires PEAR it default uses System wide PEAR but that wasn't working so I also tried changing the PATH to a couple different locations I tried, /usr/lib/php, /usr/local/lib/php, and /home/kamcraft/php when I test them they just show up as a blank page. When I used the...
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    PHP Problem?

    Hi, were their changes made in the PHP settings for cossacks because one of my pages isn't displaying and I think it is due to this: //testing for open port function test_port($server,$port){ $sock = @pfsockopen("$server", $port, $ERROR_NO, $ERROR_STR, (float)1.5); if($sock){...
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    Httpd Down again?

    It's down again do you guys know whats causing this? I have users that need to for lack of a better word use my site lol and it keeps going down.
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    Httpd Down

    Hey just wanted to let someone know that the httpd for cossacks is down thanks.
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    DNS and Httpd down

    DNS and Httpd is down for cossacks :(
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    What are these files?

    Hi I have had these files on my account and I was just wondering what they are and if they can be removed.
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    DNS Down

    I just wanted to let someone know that the DNS is down.
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    Mysql with SQLyog?

    Hi I was just wondering if there was a way to connect to my databases via SQLyog it would make it a lot easier to backup and restore.
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    Php v2 upgrade request?

    Hi my application for php v2 was accepted and the upgrade is still pending. I just wanted to check if anything was wrong since it has been about a day. I have been using the account so I wasn't sure if uploading stuff and changing settings would upset it being upgraded. Thank You, Brian