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    x10 has been nominated

    I have nominated x10hosting also...please do so also....thanks
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    Google+ vs Facebook

    i've read your post regarding google+. i am interested to have an account there. could you please invite me? my email address is very much
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    Forum Name Change Requests

    New Name: sanlorenzoruiz
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    Do frontpage extensions currently work?

    frontpage is still being used by millions of users and i am still one of them. thanks for not stopping the usage of frontpage....
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    I tried today to login to Cpanel but still I got an error msg. page cannot be displayed. this is what I have been using before the maintenance you have done ( I tried to login also to my account panel today but I also got an error msg. (Fatal error: Uncaught...
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    Control Panel Login

    thanks very much, zubair.
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    Control Panel Login

    I would like to ask when can I login to Control Panel. I have tried several times this past few days but still I cannot logon. I know you have done some maintenance. thanks for the reply