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    Unsuspension of my account

    Thanks so much for your help, everything is working perfectly fine now!
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    Unsuspension of my account

    Thanks. We're (or were) located at Unless you meant something else that went above my head.
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    Unsuspension of my account

    Thanks so much, that was a lot quicker than I thought it would be. Unfortunatly, my co worker went ahead and tried to solve the problem in his own way. Namely, he tried to switch hosts, by switching the nameservers to a new host. I tried changing the adress of our main domain to
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    Unsuspension of my account

    Well, I'm a bit late, but we'd like to stand in line for restoration an unsuspension now. I've read the server anouncements and am aware that this might take some time, and it really is our own fault that we didn't get to you earlier. So please, do take your time. As long as this issue is...
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    MySQL Error 2002

    I'm actually having the same problem. mySQL error number: 2002 mySQL error message: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (13) I can't access the forum or the wiki (which both run on MySQL databases).
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    Again “HTTP 500 Internal Server Error” and

    Yes, this is getting out of hand. I realise we're on free hosting, and that we aren't exactly top priority, but please, we really need this fixed. Edit: And YES, I have tried flushing my DNS and clearing my cache. Twice, actually.
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    SMF : PHP Mailing

    Well, although Im not entirely sure, our SMF forum has had problems with sending mails too... But we're on Stoli... Huh.
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    500 interval error

    I too am having ridiculous amounts of problems with this, wich is kind of a bummer, becuase our forum was having quite teh activity rush, and I'm afraid this might kill it. 500 internal error and trouble connecting the FTP, all of that. And I am on stoli as well.
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    database error

    Are you on stoli? Because there seems to be a lot of us experiencing similar problems. And not to be a prick, but I believe there already is a topic like this.
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    MySQL Stoli

    Very strange. Both my SMF forum and my Wiki are down, but that's understandable as they share the same database. My subdomain seems to be doing just fine. Hmm.
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    MySQL Stoli

    I'm having the same problem. I checked the service announcements, but I couldn't find anything about stoli that should still be an issue.
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    Can't Login To cPanel

    Good point XD And it finally worked! YES! YES YES YES! Thanks for all the help! :P
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    Can't Login To cPanel

    Still, Login Attempt Failed! Edit: Still need help... Edit: I'm seriously going to consider switching hosts...
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    Can't Login To cPanel

    Every time I try to login to my cPanel, is gives me an error saying "Login Attempt Failed!" I have been trying for weeks now, and haven't had any results... Can I have some help?
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    Helo All, Fishbowl is here! ^_^

    I love cPanel hosting! I hope we can talk some more later...