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    My Site

    its not bad i guess, but if you do what the others suggested it would be better :)
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    nice, the colour scheme works really well
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    Ckeck out my website

    it looks ok, but the design reminds me of freewebs :S
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    Artist website for review

    i kinda like it, a bit bland, and the stuff you used flash for you could do in java
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    Tafe Student - Streeware clothing site

    i wouldnt worry about it too much, he must still be living in the 90's with a resolution, for the majority now will use much larger resolutions, 1024x768 up i like it, needs a bit more 'wow' to it, but i like the layout and colors
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    Dreamweaver vs Notepad?

    i guess it depends on how advanced you are with coding, and if you enjoy it, if you are advanced and enjoy coding then i see no reason why you cant make do with notepad, i dont see many advantages from that perspective, but if you are new to coding, i think you would benifit with dreamweaver...
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    TAFE Student

    i swear i didn't break it :D
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    Check my Site out!

    site doesnt load for me
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    my RC 1:16 scale Tank website for begginers to the hobby

    perhaps use higher quality images for the header? and also change the black coloured text to something more readable :)
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    Personal Photography Website - Opinions Please

    doesn't load for me
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    My personal website

    I agree with kkenny about the side bars, looks ok - does the job :D
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    New template - blue sky.

    yeah im not keen on the blue either
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    Looking For Some Help From The Community!

    looks great, really easy to navigate and looks very clean and proffesional
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    First Web Page

    lol, americans must be slightly behind on what looks good, as in the uk noone would ever pay $1000/£500 for a website that looked like that
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    Server load in red..

    Hey, this is what i got on my server for my hosting: Server NameAbsolut.x10 Server Uptime15 days, 11:33 Server Load5.37 this is causing my site to be extremely up and down and the majority of the time...
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    review my website

    it looks ok, but why did you use comic sans for a proffesional template :S
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    Please review my clan site again

    lol, all i see really are table borders :( it needs some graphics in there man :P
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    myspace design

    Hey, comments etc.
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    Review My Website Please!

    may i suggest that you learn how to create decent website templates yourself before you start up your own web design company.. good luck
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    Review: Hot TEENS

    i am slightly confused why you used green for the title text as the rest of the website is blue.. perhaps changing it to blue would make it more suited ?