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    I can't access the CPanel on the Boru server.

    It seems like we were put on the worst server ever, first we lost all of our files to a server glitch, and now I can't even access the CPanel. If I go here, I get an error message: This might be an issue on all the servers, and...
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    Next time, post it here: No worries however. :P
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    I have one complaint about this whole boru server situation.

    Yep, you're right, all the database contents are still intact, but the problem is that the forum software I coded from scratch that utilized the database contents is no longer intact, I didn't save a single PHP script from the software, so I'm at a large loss. Thanks for the info anyway. I can...
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    I have one complaint about this whole boru server situation.

    After getting some sleep, I was harsh yesterday. I'm sorry about the awful complaint I filed. I still stick with the fact that there should have a little more support on this issue beforehand, but I'm also aware that not even the admins knew what was going on. I was mainly speaking out of anger...
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    Boru - Account issues

    My account was one of the few that was affected by this issue, and I lost all my files. I made this ticket because as far as I know, my Cpanel doesn't work because of the issue, therefore I was told to make a support ticket based off what I heard here...
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    I have one complaint about this whole boru server situation.

    I'm a long time user, long time supporter. About a week ago, some accounts on the boru server didn't transfer when it was being upgraded. Everyone who was affected lost all their files, and the admin recently mentioned that there's no way to get those files back. Now for my side of the story. I...
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    X10Hosting Country Block. Just remove it.

    Do.marmor46 makes a good point, but even if you were to ban certain counties, I think at least the users of that country who already had accounts should be allowed to keep them. It's only fair that they be grandfathered. And I respect that you mentioned to us that your English is hard to...
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    All the files on my site are gone. I need assistance immediately.

    Thanks. I read the sticky beforehand but I couldn't find the actual free hosting support forum. Why isn't it under the x10Hosting category? Doesn't that make more sense? But yeah, after I made this thread I eventually did find the free hosting forum and found out that multiple people are...
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    All the files on my site are gone. I need assistance immediately.

    Yesterday I was working on my website. I was in the process of building my own forums from top to bottom, kind of like the forums you're using right now. This project was a month in the making and I was almost done. A few minutes ago I logged into my Cpanel, and all my files are no longer...
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    what domin you like better or .tk

    There's no contest, .tk is better in nearly every way. Both use DNS, both expire after a year, both have a premium option, they're remarkably similar. The deal breaker is that .tk is an actual domain name, while is nothing more than a subdomain. Another reason why .tk is superior is...
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    Sonic CD

    I have it on Sonic Gems Collection, pretty nice game.
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    Review my site. eForums

    Good: The design looks okay, I like how you used MyBB as your forum software of choice. I've had experience with MyBB and it's a good alternative. Bad: Not enough content. There's nothing about your site that I can't already get somewhere else. It has potential, but the inactivity kills...
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    Not allowed to host PHP scripts on x10hosting?

    Thanks for the quick response. That's all I was wondering. I didn't want to place any judgement because that wouldn't be fair for anyone. Now that everything is cleared up, I will start using x10hosting. Once again, thanks a bunch. And yeah, I found those complains online.
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    Not allowed to host PHP scripts on x10hosting?

    First of all, I have nothing against x10hosting. Great hosting plan, CPanel, fast speed, but then I saw a comment that made me upset: That's a pretty compelling complaint, I wouldn't want to be hosted somewhere where you can't have PhpBB or SMF. Who knows, maybe the person who made that...
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    Ubuntu 8.10 Beta

    XD. I have no clue what version I am using, but I love it.
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    Need a free domain?

    I'm not fond of the sites that require 200+ posts to get a domain name.
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    Hi; this is pojr.

    I've been a PHP programmer for many many years, and I would like to ask one question; can I have my username changed to pojr? It wouldn't let me register under five characters, and I assume this is to prevent abuse of some sort, but I'm known as pojr everywhere else. That's my hosting acount...