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    im back :)

    Hey everyone ( who still remembers me :P lol) I'm back! Was thinking wassup @ the x10hosting guys and decided to go and get active again on the boards ;) Used to do a lot of web dev/graphic design and still do! holla @ ya greetings born2shoot/m1nd/maikel
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    Hey everyone (BACK)

    Hey everyone, I'm back after a couple of months, hard work for school. So I didn't have much time to stay alive on the forums :tongue: so but hey i will see u guys around:) (btw my accounts suspended need some help with that:tongue: )
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    Need help mysql

    Warning: fopen(../_mysql.php): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/b2s/public_html/install/step05.php on line 975 Warning: fwrite(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/b2s/public_html/install/step05.php on line 985 Warning: fclose(): supplied argument...
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    E107- problem with ads

    Hi thought maybe someone else has it(e107) working with the ads..., well my problem is whenever i add the corporate ad-banner in the theme.php or the index.php (there is no header.php so can't add it there) and i upload it, then i watch my site my site doesn't work only the advertisement...
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    Php-Nuke problem

    Hey everybody.. maybe one of you guys knows the solution to my pro blem.. Whenever i log into my php-nuke admin account it keeps asking me my password.. i cant edit any of the settings :wtcslap: mmm :drool: maybe you can help me? :roflwerd:
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    Site being slow?

    Hey is there something going on with the servers? high load using mysql DB'S and php... so... anyone got some news? :stupid:
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    SUSPENDED pls... unsuspend...

    Lo, my site has been down for weeks... then a maintenance script runs.. i have tha ads on... then i get placed to another server with out NOTICE now im suspendend for nothing.... ? let me ask you why? my password was changed 2 ... so i couldnt login for awhile... then my site was down couldnt...
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    2 NEw sigs ...

    HEy made 2 new sigs again... well actually.... it's one but the other one has a logo from clantemp on it and the other one has a Tekken figure on it if i'm correct JIN :bigok: Well rate people and say which one you like the best :bigok:
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    Site deleted/suspended?

    Well 1st of.. my site worked.. just fine... then u gguys did something maintenance sweep.. couldnt acces for a long time.. only cpanel.. now password reset... and i have ALL THE ADS ON MY SITE... and now my site doesnt load up... it doesnt exist... you guys deleted it ? if so i want a new...
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    New SIG

    Hey i made a new sig... hope u like it.. Rate it and give a GOOD argument for your choice of rate... ( only my own argument is to light up the gun a lil :coolugh: ) [EDIT] LIGHTED UP THE PIC A LIL SO YOU CAN SEE THE GUN AND ADDED A LENS FLARE NEAR TEXT
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    LO i been away 4 a while so i thought let's re-introduce myself... Well i am Maikel... im doing ICT as education... and i am 16 years old I love to design, photoshop and flash and stuff like that. WEbdevelopment interests me 2... and i like building sites :coolugh: I have a clan...
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    Critical error after password reset

    CRITICAL_ERROR: Line : generic, class2.php Error reported as: [6]: Unable to form a valid connection to mySQL. Please check that your e107_config.php contains the correct information. what the my site worked.. i didnt edit any of the info it worked fine.. now it gives me this mysql...
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    *NEW SIGS* which sig is best?

    Hey i made a sig.. but used some other colors on it and blending options.. i would like to know which combo you like the most :roflwerd: Here are the sigs: Good luck :P :kdubb: :bigok:
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    Cpanel problem with site?

    Oke here the story.. i've made the site.. i put the ads on it every page.... and now i get this message everytime since a week or something.. that there is no site configured at this cpanel... :S very wierd.. i can still acces the cpanel.. but i can't see my site... whats happening? :wtcslap:
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    Movie permission?

    Last night i uploaded my movie... created by myself :bigok: ... can i host this? at the credits i thank you guys with url is it okay? can i keep it online? weighs 118 m :drool: b Thanx in advance :coolugh: ~Born2Shoot
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    Why is my account suspended? I was choosing my style and after that i woul place the code..... i made a mistake this afternoon i had it up with the good ad code?so whats up? Pls unsuspend it :noexpress I just tried to login to cpanel and i couldnt log in either :noexpress :sad: :crying:
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    Hey i have a problem, at school i can acces this sd at home i ca''t so i cant update my site cuz i cant go to cpanel so pls help me? whats wrong :pinch:
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    Help, cant see site at home

    Hi i need hep i been away for awhile, now i got home and i go to and i couldnt acces this site(same as for it goes to google and it says it couldnt be found, now here i'm at school and i can acces... whats up i need hepl do i have a browser probl,em or...
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    PHPbb2 ads

    Hi i need some help :innocent: I've made this forum, installed new skin and all, But you guys say you need to have an ad on every page.. so i made this iframe where to forum loaded in, and the ad above the iframe, now everytime in the forum when you post something the image will go crazy...
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    For Chris sig&avatar

    Hey since you wanted a sig... and a avatar i made those for you and i hope you like them :happy: Signature link to sig Avatar link to avatar