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  1. Hazirak

    White border around site

    Try setting the body tag's 'margin' attribute to '0px' in your CSS sheet. If that doesn't work, it might just have something to do with WebKit (the rendering engine for both Chrome and Safari).
  2. Hazirak

    Chrome launched by Google

    ... But does IE8 do one of those when a tab crashes? ;) In all seriousness though, I see no harm in another browser hitting the internet. As a matter of fact, one could even argue that the greater the number of browsers with a significant market share, the more developers are discouraged from...
  3. Hazirak

    please explain..

    Yes. That's one of the pills my dog takes, allergy medicine.
  4. Hazirak

    Google's Browser Project, 'Chrome'

    Google has officially released a beta version of the browser today. You can download it by going to the Chrome website above (which now actually works!) and clicking the download button. Unfortunately, only a Windows XP/Vista version is available at this time. Haven't had a lot of playtime with...
  5. Hazirak

    Google's Browser Project, 'Chrome'

    While rumors of a Google-branded web browser have been around for years, now it's official - 'Chrome' is the name of Google's web browser project. Their method of announcing it was a little unorthodox, though - they did so through a 38-page comic book. Features being touted for this new browser...
  6. Hazirak

    Simple Javascript help

    You'll have to put the input box in a container of some sort, such as <span><input /></span>, and then set the border and padding of the span tag. You could probably also just set the border and padding of the paragraph tag the input tag is in. That may or may not require you to actually close...
  7. Hazirak

    Simple Javascript help

    I think what you're looking for, if you want to do it through JavaScript, is " = '1px';"... or however much padding you need. You can also use other units of measurement if you want, such as cm, in, em, percentages, etc.
  8. Hazirak

    how about image hyperlink using css

    The best you could do is to set an image as the background for an element. As far as I know though, there's no way to add hyperlinks through CSS.
  9. Hazirak

    get php file content, please help.

    Pretty sure a simpler way to get that done would be file_get_contents(). Link to description and usage.
  10. Hazirak

    Send email using PHP

    My bad. Too used to thinking of \r\n as a Windows Server thing.
  11. Hazirak

    Revert to IE7...?

    One, he's not asking whether or not he should use Firefox. Two, some people actually prefer Internet Explorer (disclaimer: I'm not one of those people). This is just one of those things I managed to dig up on Google, I don't use Vista so I couldn't tell you how personally. Make of it this you...
  12. Hazirak

    Xbox - ??? 2010

    2010 doesn't really seem too early when you consider the Xbox was released in 2001, and then the Xbox 360 was pushed out in 2005. Going by just that, 2010 is actually a bit late.
  13. Hazirak

    Types of files

    Some servers are configured so that they don't parse SSI statements (basically short-hand PHP include statements) unless the 's' is there. .cgi is CGI Pretty sure I've seen a ".rb" (Ruby) once too.
  14. Hazirak

    Send email using PHP

    It is, in fact, possible. There's even a built-in function that does exactly that: mail("to","subject","message","headers"); "to" is who you're sending the email to. "subject" is the subject line of the email. "message" is the email message itself. "headers" are things like From:, Cc:, and...
  15. Hazirak

    Top-Left Corner

    The problem is the fact that you set the table's 'cellpadding' attribute to 72 - it sets the padding of each side of each cell. What you want to do is set the padding of one side on each of the cells, and to do this you'll need to use CSS. In the end, you'll probably end up with something like...
  16. Hazirak

    Xbox - ??? 2010

    Cool, once again after only four years, Microsoft is making me buy another console just to keep playing the new Xbox games. Shortest development cycle I've heard of in a while. Still, it'll be interesting to see what kind of handheld they push out. For a company that doesn't traditionally make...
  17. Hazirak

    How do you create a Comment Box? Script help please

    ... And then to someone who doesn't even know SQL or how to interact with a MySQL server with PHP, it would likely be 'faster and easier' to just use a plain-text-based system.
  18. Hazirak

    How do you create a Comment Box? Script help please

    You don't need MySQL, you can simply have the script dump the comments to a text file and then read those. They're public anyways, so there's no real harm done if someone manages to get to them. No sense in making things more complicated than they need to be. I actually have a simple comment...
  19. Hazirak

    Firewire Specification Approved For Speeds Up To 3.2 Gigabits/sec

    USB also has a higher overhead due to its inability to interface directly with the computer's hardware, whereas Firewire devices have a dedicated chip that communicates directly with the host's CPU. Actual throughput is much less than 4.8 gigabits/second on USB, but Firewire realizes more of its...
  20. Hazirak

    IT Students here?

    I'm an IT student down in Georgia. What? CS students living with rednecks? Impossible!