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    Licking down directories

    Perhaps put an index.php file into the directory that redirects the user if they go to it? Like so: index.php <?php header("location:DESTINATION"); ?> Where DESTINATION is where you want the user to be redirected to.
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    [Info] Tutorial Requests and Index

    Your .py files should be located in your CGI-BIN. So make sure that at the top of your page that will reference the .py file, you print these two statements: #!/usr/bin/python import cgi You place the script in your cgi-bin directory and access it by pointing the browser to...
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    MySQL database address

    What if you're going to access the database remotely? Like from an application, what would be the server address then? Because in a winform application 'localhost' would point the users machine itself. Thanks
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    [Info] Tutorial Requests and Index

    Thank you! Sorry about the error, living in the past I guess hehe.
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    [PHP] Basics of PHP Scripting

    Basics of PHP Here you will find a tutorial that is about the very basics of developing in PHP. This tutorial will continue to grow as I add more to it and is a beginning step for newbie PHP Developers or for those looking for a refresher. **NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS POST. IT WILL...
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    [Info] Tutorial Requests and Index

    Tutorial Request and Index Hello, if you're here than you're either looking for an index to tutorials posted or you are looking to request a tutorial to be made. Please realize that this is an attempt to help forum users so please do not bash me if you do not like this post, I am only trying...
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    Problem Locating Header/Footer Files

    Hi, I'm running into an issue when I'm including my header.php and footer.php into my web pages. The problem is that for each web page I have to specify how far back into the directory the page needs to go to reach header and footer. Example: Includes for a page located in...
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    PHP: Putting Variable into Hyperlink Text Problem

    Yeah I think there is a problem with my Sessions. So do I create a page called like "sessions.php" and then in that put that code you posted, and then in each page call "require("sessions.php");"? I believe this IS the problem because when I did some more error checking, I noticed that the...
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    PHP: Putting Variable into Hyperlink Text Problem

    Hi, I am having a problem with getting some PHP code to work... This is what I'm trying to do: I am attempting to create my own simple login script, and so far it works properly for comparing Username and Password values to the DB and returning whether the user is correctly logging in or...