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    Hi, I am the webmaster for - we are a select group of photographers that...

    Hi, I am the webmaster for - we are a select group of photographers that print & exhibit images for public viewing. Feel free to visit the website and send us your feedback.
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    User 'xxxxxx' is over quota.

    When I try to access my webmail I get a 500 page error with the message: Internal Server Error User 'my user name' is over quota. cpsrvd/11.26 Server at How can this be resolved? I am nowhere near my maximum disc quota. Thanks, Robert
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    email responder error

    I have a problem reported to me with my email address. A person I email get the following automated reply when sending me an email: A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed: pipe to...
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    I am having terrible trouble accessing my webmail through Horde, Squirrel Mail and Roundcube. I either receive fatal errors or imap timeout. Can I access my webmail any other way or can you correct the errors I am receiving? Regards, Robert
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    Chopin Expedited Copy
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    I Need Opinions Please!

    In my humble opinion, I prefer the first method - breaking the text up into chunks. It is much earier to navigate and read. I hate scrolling and scrolling and scrolling, I much prefer to read a section at a time and it makes referencing much easier. Robert