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    IRC channel?

    Are there any known problems with the x10 IRC channels and server ? I have been connecting to irc chat for the length I have had my x10 hosting account but today it appears I am refused connection :( I am getting a connection refused through my irc client and a security error when trying to...
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    Please help me SQL ERROR [ mysql4 ] Table 'phpbb_sessions' is read only [1036]

    This problem appears to have been fixed now thanks :)
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    Please help me SQL ERROR [ mysql4 ] Table 'phpbb_sessions' is read only [1036]

    I got this error today on my forum, SQL ERROR [ mysql4 ] Table 'phpbb_sessions' is read only [1036] after it has been working faultlessly for a good while now and nothing has changed I asked in the chat room and got some help with checking the table via myphp which was unable to...
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    Important Poll

    nandifamily: Its all cool :) I only really use frontpage for building and layout as its faster than manual work in a text editor, I don't think I actually use the extensions and I don't publish using frontpage so it really doesn't make any difference to me either way :) . my post was...
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    Important Poll

    Dropping frontpage means this free hosting is going to cost me £235 to buy dreamweaver :) but if it will improve the service I will cope without it. :) But as for the previous postings about using notepad and such to write web sites all I can say is, that is like telling a person to walk...
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    email problems

    Since the recent update and server maintenance my PHPBB forum has stopped sending out emails for people who sign up to it, this means they are unable to complete registration, also the forum normally sends out an email telling a member when they have received a private message which is no longer...
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    Forum email not working

    I have had a PHPBB on my site since I opened my account and it has always worked flawlessly. But since some maintenance work was done recently which included lotus the server I am on ) the forum no longer sends out emails to people who register, which means they are...
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    Xbox or Playstation 3?

    Not that I wish to doubt that, but with friends having xbox's less than 2 months old failing to me that would constitute to be the new xbox,s So I go on what I see which still remains 100% failure
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    Xbox or Playstation 3?

    Both have good and bad points. Good points. Xbox: Better online features More exclusive games than the PS3 Better looking console (in my opinion) much harder to hack for the purpose of cheating in games PS3: Newer so most likely more power Blueray drive Some of the best exclusive games Native...