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    Need immediate assistance!

    My domain is about to expire and seems to be down for me. Help?
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    Unable to remotely connect to MySQL?

    I'm using the shared IP address for stoli ( and my MySQL credentials and I can't seem to log onto the server using Navicat 8. I have already added my IP to the remote MySQL Access list. Does anyone know how to fix this?
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    Get a potential $2.25 for FREE by doing NOTHING!

    These Promo Codes still work. You can only use FreeCashPro after you verify your account by phone. NoMoreMin is a new coupon code that was just released last week, but might of expired by now. The PayPal minimum payout is 0.02 cents as described in the Announcements on the right column on the...
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    Get a potential $2.25 for FREE by doing NOTHING!

    This actually isn't my site, but I discovered this and am willing to share the method with members of x10hosting :). Also if this worked for you, please post a reply in this topic describing how easy it was.
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    Get a potential $2.25 for FREE by doing NOTHING!

    This guide does not guarantee that this method will ALWAYS work. I will explain the limitations in detail in this guide. First you need to register at Cash Lagoon. or if you want to use my referral link and also jump straight to the sign-up page...
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    Adbux Tutorial (How to really make money from this)

    Thank you, for bumping a 1-year old thread. EDIT: Can a moderator please close this old thread? Thanks.
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    Top 5 best ways to earn money from your site or for your site

    Yes Adbux IS A SCAM. This thread is old and I had $50 on the way and they removed all of it with "no log of me getting money". However, I have 2,000 clicks and 3,000 referral clicks. There's no way those numbers add to "nothing." Btw, this thread is old.. ha. EDIT: Can a moderator please...
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    [500 credits] PHP script

    You can't do this in PHP, because the way it works... The file gets uploaded to the server as a $_POST but it's already too late to display a progress bar then. I recommend trying something in flash.
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    Account Manager help?

    Just something I noticed, there's no way to create new emails under your domain name O.o... You can go to the webmail though.
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    Account Manager help?

    Does MySQL come with lxadmin/hypervm, or do I need to install it separately?
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    Account Manager help?

    Okay. I got it working, but now I realized something... I can't have Lxadmin with debian! When I installed debian, then tried installing Lxadmin, my VPS went back to centos?
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    Account Manager help?

    Oh.. Well I setup the domain... Still doesn't work: EDIT: I used a DNS checker, and it seems that ns1.x10hosting and ns2.x10hosting aren't working.
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    Account Manager help?

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    Account Manager help?

    Hmm okay, I'll think about cPanel.
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    Account Manager help?

    Vps. Edit: I know how to work CPanel, but this HyperVM and the other thing stuff are confusing :3.
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    Account Manager help?

    Could an account manager help me setup my domain? I thought I set it up, but it's not working.
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    Install JSP support?

    Can you guys install JSP support for x10hosting?
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    My MySQL database

    I accidentally deleted my MySQL database labeled pensoftw_litems and could you possibly restore it? It would mean a lot to me! Thanks ;)
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    2 weeks suspension thing?

    I thought it was for not logging into the website management panel OR the forums. Therefore, I only logged onto the website management panel and ended up suspended. Did the rule change or anything? It doesn't really bother me that much since you can automatically unsuspend your account, but...
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    Missing mySQL Database.

    To whom this may concern, When the MySQL server was at I deleted two databases and created one. When I tried deleting and creating databases, they would be there, but the database management page would show that the databases were still there and pensoftw_forums wouldn't...