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  1. xathelp42519

    Is there a problem with the server?

    I cannot access my website either, nor cpanel. I also have AT&T for my ISP. Heres my tracert info: For security i censored my ip, if staff needs it to test i will give them it
  2. xathelp42519

    Happy New Year!

    My christmas was good, i got a iPod 4 and Wii
  3. xathelp42519

    Website 503 Service Unavailable

    Hello. When i try to go to some pages it gives me 503 service unavailable every time and a few times, my site doesn't load. Are you guys updating or something? My hosting server is Starka. ---------- Post added at 11:56 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:36 PM ---------- Help please!!! i...
  4. xathelp42519

    what is the worst accident that has happened in your town?

    The worst thing that has happened to my city that i know about was when a big rain struck and the next morning some people didn't have power for like 3 days :(
  5. xathelp42519

    Help with adding new files

    Hello, I wanna add a Christmas theme to my blog(I use wordpress) but when i try to activate it or delete it redirects me to my blogs main home page and when i preview it, it shows my current theme can someone please help me!! thanks i appreciate it. Here is the link for the theme. Sorry if this...
  6. xathelp42519

    Starka Issues

    Yay i think they fixed it, my site works
  7. xathelp42519

    All of my files gone again! Please Help

    A couple days ago my files were gone and then later they came back and now a few days later they are gone again! please Help! my hosting server is Starka:frown:
  8. xathelp42519

    unmetered storage

    Hello, i would like to have unmetered storage for my account so that i can upload more files for my websites. I have all the requirements needed. :)
  9. xathelp42519

    My Websites files all gone

    Hello there, this evening, not to long ago, all of my files were gone and i get error 404, why is this? I go to file manager and all files gone:frown: ---------- Post added at 01:18 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:26 AM ---------- All of my files and everything are back! God bless you all!
  10. xathelp42519

    Windows or Linux?

    I like Windows. Its really a great!!:biggrin:
  11. xathelp42519

    How fast is your Internet?

    Here's mine. :(
  12. xathelp42519

    Please help me with my site!

    This morning i was checking my website and it was all fine so i check my website later and it says "Error establishing a database connection"Then i go to my mysql and it says the mysql is currently offline or something like that then i go to my osticket and it says Fatal Error: Contact system...
  13. xathelp42519

    Whats The Last Game You Bought?

    Star wars battle front 3 - psp
  14. xathelp42519

    Wordpress Plugins

    I also use BPS Secuirty and Secuirty [Website Defender]
  15. xathelp42519

    Wordpress Plugins

    I think JetPack is a good theme because it has a lot of things like stats and stuff, its just like wordpress and WP-Ban is also a good plug in.
  16. xathelp42519

    Add more traffic to your site

    Thanks for the info:biggrin:
  17. xathelp42519

    New Site Builder

    Thanks!! this is a good idea
  18. xathelp42519

    Do you think everybody should get a static ip?

    Wow, Same ip for 11 year's:eek: