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  1. Nekaid

    HiDef TV -vs- Computer Monitor

    Okay, my recommendation? Get a computer MONITOR. A TV is only useful if for large display. TVs, even HDTVs are not suited to computers. Also, you can find the same quality monitor as an HDTV for lower similar price or lower! I recommend checking here: Some monitors come...
  2. Nekaid

    Free 1-year subscription to McAfee

    I can provide I think 9 more people until I run out of licenses. Meaning, I have 9 licenses left. Why am I doing this? Because this is an excellent community. This is something I'm giving back. What do you need to receive a free copy? Remote desktop enabled. I will have to install McAfee for...
  3. Nekaid

    crazy wifi idea-need help

    You would need to set the laptop as an access point to bridge the connection. Or, just get a cheap wireless router.
  4. Nekaid

    I'm back!

    Hahah, I can't believe I'm still a member here. I didn't realize that you guys don't clear out empty people. Hey again! First off, I'm not here for hosting. I run my own company and provide computer repair, networking and hosting services. Then why am I here? To provide free services to the...
  5. Nekaid

    Site Down

    Hello. I'm just asking why my site is down. cpanel username = nekaid Um...I had the ads up on every page...but I think its because I haven't logged in for a week. I thought it was two weeks if you didn't login that your account would be terminated.
  6. Nekaid

    Can't reach my site

    Hm...Is there something wrong with me or the server? I've checked the Status Up/Down page and it says everything is up. Right before I couldn't view my site the mysql went down and it says its up. cpanel name: nekaid subdomain: ( was previously until...
  7. Nekaid

    Your Rating

    What's your rating of x10hosting? Mine is a 5/5!
  8. Nekaid


    I thought I'd start this again as for the reason, there was no solution and people ignored me. This message was created automatically by mail delivery software. A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following...
  9. Nekaid

    Website only displaying coding...

    Why is my website displaying codes only?
  10. Nekaid

    Email? default cpanel email address...which is doesn't work. It gives me an error: This message was created automatically by mail delivery software. A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. The...
  11. Nekaid

    Mozilla Thunderbird setup

    How do I setup thunderbird to read my site's webmail? I can't seem to figure it out. Please reply soon.
  12. Nekaid

    Something wrong with the phpBB installer

    Well, I installed the phpBB forums on my site and everything works fine, I can post, edit and change layouts. But there are at least two things I found that do not work, one of them is the gzip compression, it gives me and error when I enable it. Secondly, in the admin panel, it won't let me...
  13. Nekaid

    Disk Usage?

    Eh.....why isn't it changing the amount of disk space used on the mainpage of cpanel? It changes everything else, such as bandwith, and mysql usage, but not the disk space used or available.
  14. Nekaid


    Hey, x10 could allow its members to post their site in a forum, but only x10hosted sites. I thought of this because it may benefit everyone. It'll benefit x10 becasue its giving sites hosted by x10 and makes x10 look like a great hosting site.
  15. Nekaid


    Hey, um...I was previously a member...then, after you redid all of the servers and changed, I had lost my site. So, I have had to move to another free host, but its crappy. So, I'd like to come back to x10hosting. I still have to go through the lottery system, or is there a code?
  16. Nekaid

    Need some help please...

    I need a script in any language, that is like a gallery, but I do not want the gallery images to be able to be stolen. Such as right-click and save-as, or going through the source code and then finding the link. Can someone please help. Well, I know of a way to use disable them from typing in...
  17. Nekaid

    I need a converter

    I'm looking for a converter than can covert an EPS image to gif or jpg format. Or can convert from any format to gif or jpg. Anyone know where I can get one?
  18. Nekaid

    FTP Problems

    Hey, I was just using FTP like 5 minutes ago, then suddenly, I get an error and it says "The remote host actively refused the attempt to connect to it." Then it gives some reasons why it might be. Is the ftp server down?
  19. Nekaid

    My Project

    Yea, I've started a new project, this time its just about ninjas. I'm trying to design a dark layout. Main colors are red, black, white, and little silver. If you'd like a preview of my layout ( still under construction ) visit my site, Post what you think.
  20. Nekaid

    Custom Signature

    Who likes my signature? Want me to make you a custom signature? Just ask if you want one.