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  1. truthguild

    hosting/site disappeared

    I've had a site for my game guild for a while now, and today is has disappeared with this message in my contol panel: Woah! It appears that you do not have hosting under your client account. This could be the result of a different scenarios: * An older account was removed as the result...
  2. truthguild

    Gay Marriage?

    considering that nearly all the arguments against homosexual marriage are based on religion - and the government is secular - those arguments really don't apply to any legal case against homosexual marriage and i won't even bother to cover them. so let's look out the few secular arguments...
  3. truthguild

    Live forever?

    short answer - no. more elaborate version of that answer - even under the most ideal of all circumstances, for instance what many perceive as heaven, where there is no aging, sickess, suffering, or death, and that is shared by everyone present. i would actually have difficulty trying to...
  4. truthguild

    Why do people hate people for their religions?

    To answer the original question, people of one religion tend to hate people of other religions because religion is, by its very nature, divisive. It creates an "us vs. them" metality, as pointed out by faolan. The common point in all religions is that there is no empirical evidence to support...
  5. truthguild

    Your food is poisoned - must read

    well, it looks like i once again have to come out of lurking to dispell the bull****, and this time it's so thick, i think i might need waders. yep - that's been true since the dawn of agriculture. every cross-breeding, grafting, etc, genetically modifies the plant. not quite. pesticides are...
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    The right to use weapons

    and that's why i'm glad for the second ammendment to the U.S. Constitution. "A well regulated militia, being necesary to a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." not a lot of words - just very specific ones. at the time of drafting, the word...
  7. truthguild

    site is still down

    the site i have hosted here for my guild has been down for a couple of weeks. at first i thought it was because of the server move, but now that that is complete it is still down. the error returned is: Unable to load page Problem occurred while loading the URL...
  8. truthguild

    Cration Vs. Evolution

    pretty early on, it's a divergence within Opisthokonta. over 3 billion years is rapid? esp. when many of those organisms have a generation span of about 20 minutes? it just did, and that was only using a taxonomic approach. you can follow the genetic record in the other direction and you get the...
  9. truthguild

    Cration Vs. Evolution

    [cont] Here another division occurs, this time determined by the number of holes appearing in a particular place in the structure of the skull. On the one-hand we have Synapsids with one temporal fenestra. On the other hand, we have what are traditionally known as “reptiles”, starting with...
  10. truthguild

    Cration Vs. Evolution

    i'm guessing you have never taken a college course on evolutionary theory, it does a very good job of explaining all that except the origin of life - which is a different scientific discipline altogether. on the other hand, intelligent design leaves everything to be explain since it fails to...
  11. truthguild

    Cration Vs. Evolution

    calling it a theory and not a fact is nothing more than a demonstration of ignorance to scientific terminolgy. in science, theories and facts are unrelated, and one never becomes the other. a fact is an observation - a theory explains a related set of facts. evolution, thus, is both a fact and...
  12. truthguild

    Cration Vs. Evolution

    no scientist claims that life began, nor evolved in volcanic eruptions. it is believed to have occured in water near thermal vents. not very relevant. evolution has been directly observed multiple times both in the lab and in the wild. not very good fairy tale material. creation ex nihilo...
  13. truthguild

    Cration Vs. Evolution

    since deltavolt explained it so well, i'll just focus on this one part... now, there's over 240,000 peer-reviewed articles presenting evidence for evolution, but not a single one providing evidence for intelligent design. so what evidence brings you to the conclusion of some for of...
  14. truthguild

    Cration Vs. Evolution

    science doesn't deal in terms of certainty, it deals in terms of degrees of confidence. as far as big bang theory goes, it's degree of confidence is quite high (though no where near as high as evolutionary theory), esp. since it has been 100% successful in terms of making accurate and testable...
  15. truthguild

    Cration Vs. Evolution

    but as i already mentioned, creationism isn't a theory - it's blatant speculation asserted as if it were a theory. there is no positive evidence for it, it's not testable, it makes no predictions, and it's not falsifiable. regarding big bang theory, there's plenty of evidence supporting it such...
  16. truthguild

    Cration Vs. Evolution

    it always amazes me that people still argue this issue. the theory of evolution has withstood the toughest scientific scrutiny for over 150 years, and is still going strong. every bit of evidence we ever uncover perfectly supports it. creationism doesn't even qualify as a theory as there is no...
  17. truthguild

    Are you a Lefty, Moderate or Righty?

    regarding Hulda Clark's Cure For All Diseases, here is a critical analysis of it
  18. truthguild

    Are you a Lefty, Moderate or Righty?

    i'm none of the above - i'm a libertarian based on the american system. the red dot is my result on a political test:
  19. truthguild

    Mayan Calendar 2012

    those aren't coincidences. they based their calendar on astrological events, so it's no surprise it would end on the solistice. the galactic alignment happens every year on the winter solistice as well - it's nothing particularly special.
  20. truthguild

    Is religion a valid argument in debate?

    the only time i can picture religion being a valid argument in a debate is if what you're debating is religion. even then, to form a solid argument, you would still need to use evidence in it that is external to religion. religion isn't necessary for a moral argument - morality actualy poses a...