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    Hosting account is gone

    adam4813 ---------- Post added at 09:01 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:54 PM ---------- Still awaiting a reply of some kind anything would be helpful.
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    Hosting account is gone

    My hosting account has simply disappeared. I have purchased the 1yr inactivity timer out till aug 2011. Where has my hosting account gone or is the server down or what? Hosting is
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    1yr Inactivity Timer

    Not on the purchase page. That is also what I am afraid if the automated system isn't setup to do it yet.
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    1yr Inactivity Timer

    I tried searching the from for "check inactivity timer" and most threads were to old to be about the 1yr purchase option. Is there a way to determine when my purchase was, or when my timer will expire? Also if I purchase the option again does it automatically get added to the end of the current...
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    MySQL Connection Problems

    I had to go in an create a new user in the MySQL users section. I used a randomly generated password and then placed those inside my php file. This seems to have fixed the issue. I have multiple sites with MySQL databases and both had the issue tonight.
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    x10Hosting Double Everything Special!

    Got this deal the other day and it's great. I plan on creating a hopefully more popular site and these additions will go along way toward that end.
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    subdomain change not taking effect

    I recently changed my subdomain from projectz to nbss. It shows it succeeded in the account panel. However when I try to access it says this domain is available, and no longer works and says Apache is work on my cPanel. I can still login to the cPanel...
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    x10Hosting Double Everything Special!

    Now it has however I got the invoice overdue notice on Monday I believe and applied on Friday I think. I was not giving the option of putting in my payment details as I intended to use PayPal. Would it be best to just refill out the form?
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    x10Hosting Double Everything Special!

    Corey it is invoice 897
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    x10Hosting Double Everything Special!

    I received an email confirmation as well as an invoice, but I am unable to login to provide my PayPal details it keeps saying log in details incorrect. When I click Request a password reminder it says login details not found.
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    Free Domain(Read This)

    To all with no credit card. Go to Walmart of similar store and get a preloaded Visa with $10 on it. You can use this preloaded card to get your domain and then use the rest of the preloaded card to do whatever.
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    Simple php script fails

    Is the page located on the servers here or is it just on your hard drive and your making it in expression web? If its on the server try to load it again. If its on your hard drive Expression Web doesn't know how to execute .php files.
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    Web Disk access issue.

    I am unable to access the Web Disk on my computer using Web Folder or the script provide. The script just gives an error make sure ports 2077 and 2078 are open (which they both are or should be as my other web folders work). Also from the web folders folder i can't add...