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  1. Noir_cl

    MySQL Crashed?

    Hey guys, my account pannel says SQL is running ok but my blog in worpdress says "Error establishing a database connection" and in my cPanel account there are no SQL dB listed. Is it a general issue or just me? Thanks for reading and for the excellent service you give.
  2. Noir_cl

    Adobe CS4

    64 bit photoshop for windows will be awesome. I'm already isung lightroom in the 64 bits flavour and you totally tell the difference. Also, GPU use will be a great way to justify a nice video card. Now all we need is a 64 bit version of flash player u.u
  3. Noir_cl

    Site's sloooooooooooow

    Hey guys. I hosted my site here due to all the things x10 offers and everythings fine except the speed of the site. whenever I load it seems to take forever to display it properly, but with other free hosting service it loaded perfectly. I have noticed that when I download something from the FTP...