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  1. drtonyet

    Vox MySQL Offline

    Yes, but now its down again! 1342hrs 24-09-2013
  2. drtonyet

    Vox MySQL Offline

    Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2) Screenshot Attached
  3. drtonyet

    Google Analytic Vs Universal Analytics

    I support having multiple stats
  4. drtonyet

    Install Awstats in our servers

    I support having multiple stats
  5. drtonyet

    Web Analytics and Statistics

    x10Hosting, Great work on the new look from the cpanel to the forums :) I cannot underscore enough how vital x10 is in supporting humanitarianism, innovation and pre-commercialisation. I can't wait to deepen my relationship with upgrades. I wish to add my voice to the importance of having...
  6. drtonyet

    The connection has timed out

    Thank you for your quick intervention. :smile:
  7. drtonyet

    The connection has timed out

    We are getting "The server at ... is taking too long to respond." @drtonyetal
  8. drtonyet

    Vox down again

    Us too! "Unable to connect"
  9. drtonyet

    SMTP on VOX

    We've not been able to send or receive email on vox whether by cpanel or phpmailer
  10. drtonyet

    Server Moves

    Then what are you still doing on free hosting? Go premium or illuminated
  11. drtonyet

    Server Moves

    Hello Ryan, Two Things: Notification and Timing While appreciating the update, it would be much more professional if you alerted us by email notification of such a major (commendable) undertaking something like 10 days in advance. We would prepare accordingly like upgrade our accounts...
  12. drtonyet

    where are our files pointing to?!!

    Hi, When we update our files on cpanel, the same does not show on same goes for which is under an addon domain. Simple test: Added "(DTA)", changed Objectives to "5 years", "500,000 Directory Subscribers" etc This is the third message we are posting with...
  13. drtonyet

    Site changes and new uploads not showing, did the RAID/SAN maintenance affect this?

    Hi, We were able to make changes and uploads on cpanel on 27/08 and it would reflect while browsing but this has not been so since 28/08 midday where the site reverted to a version published before your 22/08 RAID/SAN maintenance. We need to make these changes and uploads promptu. Pse assist...
  14. drtonyet

    point to correct version

    Cleared the cache, cookies etc but still persisting. Believe me this is not a browser issue. I was able to see the updated site up until a few hours ago where it reversed to an older version. Now, any changes on cpanel do not reflect on the site. Even uploading a file then trying to view it...
  15. drtonyet

    point to correct version

    Hi, Changes made to site last 4 days not showing! Funny enough, the source files on cpanel display the correct version. Pse Assist -- @drtonyetal
  16. drtonyet

    phpMyAdmin not accessible

    I don't know how but this issue seems resolved. Keep up the good work x10. :)
  17. drtonyet

    phpMyAdmin not accessible

    I was running nested select count(distinct()), union and join queries. Does this bust CPU/RAM quotas? Is the phpMyAdmin GUI under such quotas? It stopped responding after trying this query: SELECT COUNT(*) AS table1Count FROM table1 WHERE someCondition JOIN?? SELECT COUNT(*) AS table2Count...
  18. drtonyet

    phpMyAdmin not accessible

    Certainly, I did so before posting on the forum and now again (see timestamp), but still frozen. -- @drtonyetal
  19. drtonyet

    phpMyAdmin not accessible

    Hi, phpMyAdmin has been ok until about 3 hours ago when it became inaccessible after running a few sql queries. says: Please be patient, you will be redirected in a moment.... for like 3 hours now. Please Assist.
  20. drtonyet

    How would you rate x10hosting and why?

    How would you rate x10hosting and why? a) Great (Excellent) b) Good (Above Average) c) OK (Average) d) Bad (Below Average) e) Sick (Poor) Kindly Poll & Reply -- Dr. Tony & Associates @drtonyetal