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    Login Problem

    It looks like the problem has been resolved. The password change needed to propagate to the Direct Admin Server and this has now happened after 24 hours. So for now I am satisfied, unless, of course, the login was a fluke on my Windows 11 machine.
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    Login Problem

    I have got a slight problem here. I can login into my main account but can't login into the Control Panel. I don't know why. I have tried to change the password but still it is not possible to login. My account is not suspended so that is not the problem. I never abuse the system (to the best...
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    SSL Link

    OK Thanks. It seems to work for now.
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    SSL Link

    My account is missing the SSL link which has recently been implemented according to <>. So what do I need to do? I was using CloudFlare up to now but now it gives me this: <> "Apache is...
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    Resolved ISP blocked due to frequent abuse

    You say you can't login but is your site still online? what is the URL of your site for us to try it? i am based in the UK so I can try to see if your site is still online.
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    Resolved x15 server isnt working

    Correct. My site is also down. It is on x15.
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    Resolved site can not be reached

    If you are on x15 then the server seems to be down. I too can't login or go to my own website. X15 is down as far as I can see.
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    Resolved How to increase storage space

    Have you used up your 1000mb quota (1 tb) ? What is the link of your site? when I go to my cPanel, it tells me I have used about 65 mb but I have still not started developing it yet. I am suffering from Writers block.
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    Resolved Trouble logging into DirectAdmin

    Did you try logging from this link: <> After logging, wait for about 10 seconds before the cPanel blue button lights up. You need your email to login from this link and it is the recommended link because of the 30 days rule.
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    Resolved Php Update Question

    Correct. I'm getting the same error as well. Anna or Garrett can hlp you on this. Did you click on the Maximize button? It might just bump up to 7.4.9 which is the latest.
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    Resolved Php Update Question

    You need to go to "Extra Features" and use the "Maximize" button. See this picture: I seem to get some kind of error when I try to read the version of my php but you can still try it to see if it works for you.
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    Resolved Apache Is Functioning Normally...

    Are there any plans to extend this 30 day perod to 90 days (or 3 calendar months)? I think 30 days is a bit short because most people are logging in using their App such as Joomla or WordPRess to make changes and logging in via the main website is the last thing they think of. Most of the...
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    Resolved Server time appears to be off (ahead) by 3 to 4 minutes - revisted

    How do you check the time of a remote server? Can you give us a command to run on a windows system? Thanks.
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    Resolved Server time appears to be off (ahead) by 3 to 4 minutes - revisted

    I would have thought so this is the case. These days all machines are synced once a week. Even my Windows 10 desktop is doing fine these days!.
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    Resolved Custom Domains

    Cloudflare is no longer supported on free hosting on XHosting. I have looked at these two posts: <> <> the first article tells you to switch to cPanelX3 while the...
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    Resolved Custom Domains

    I think I'll stay with this for now until some other ideas flashes up and when the xhost servers are working properly when somebody will think of installing free versions of let'sencrypt <>. Enough time has been spent on this. Me thinks so. How to mark this as Resolved?
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    Problems with signing up

    It looks like the pandemic has delayed this further. The end of March description on the creation page should be removed and instead just stated "as soon as possible". People might think this is March 2021.
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    Resolved Custom Domains

    OOOOOH! Spoke too soon. It broke again!
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    Resolved Custom Domains

    OK it seems to work. However, when I click on the custom domain link, it shows: <> What changes do I need to make so that it shows By not showing the correct url, the security feature is not implemented so clearly something...
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    Resolved disk space Request update

    I can only say that the engineers are currently working on the servers so this might be the case.