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  1. Prison Gate

    DNS error?

    Recently I asked for a domain change from to It's been over 24 hours and after you guys changed it to my main domain and the DNS change it seems not to work at all. When I go to it gives me it can't be found Am I...
  2. Prison Gate

    You're server divided by zero.

    Warning: Division by zero in /home/corey/public_html/includes/page_parts/ on line 160 Warning: Division by zero in /home/corey/public_html/includes/page_parts/ on line 161 You crashed the internet :O
  3. Prison Gate

    My domain redirects to my old host.

    When I type in it redirects to my old host iifree with my blog destroyed (Theme vise). When I type in www. infront of it it goes to this host. Bad domain DNS update by server?
  4. Prison Gate

    Domain Changed disabled?

    I'm currently trying to switch hosts and my domain is the domain I wanted to use and park it which now I can't on the account page.Do I do it via Cpanel instead? Also what are the nameservers?