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    Your Account is Disabled

    Try again now, you should have access. let me know if the problem persists.
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    DirectAdmin Access Problem

    Are you receiving any error codes? I checked your account and you currently dont have any ip blocks. Are you able to access from any other browsers or devices?
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    Your account is disabled

    Try now and let me know if it still giving you issues.
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    Unsuspend Account Not Valid?

    Try now, you should have access now.
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    Account Disabled

    Try now it should be fixed, you should have access now.
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    30 day login limit for Starter plan?

    I believe If you do upgrade to the starter plan you just ask the staff to disable the 30 day requirement for you.
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    Help ! I can't access my hosting admin

    No those links are the nameservers. since i can see your server is x15 try to login into from this link
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    Help ! I can't access my hosting admin

    What error are you getting exactly?
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    Country Code Blocklisted

    You should have access now as you registered before the block was placed on your country. Let me know if the problem persists.
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    IP Blocked

    Please turn off the proxy as we do not allow that.
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    IP Blocked

    I don't see any blocks on your account at the moment did it come with an error code.
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    Hosting control panel won't load!

    It seems the your ip was blocked for failed direct admin roundcube login. I have removed the block, but you will need to make sure your login credentials are correct.
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    unsuspension request

    You should be able to login, click your service name and unsuspend yourself.
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    System Down Cant Access

    What exactly can you not access? are you able to access on other browsers/devices? any error code?
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    Unable to Add Domain - Error

    Have you tried clearing your browser cache or using a different browser?
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    Unable to Add Domain - Error

    Have you tried adding the domain you wanted besides
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    Unable to Add Domain - Error

    You can add a new domain in your services area.
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    Request for more space

    Im sorry but at the time you do not meet the requirement your site is not using more than 75 percent of its storage.
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    An error has been detected and you have been logged out

    Check you php settings in your direct admin. go to extra features select php version and there you should be able to enable the mysql module.
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    Ho to migrate my URL Adsdress Provided by 10hosting to Cloudflare

    I believe your dns settings you provided is using x13 server, but the domain in that settings is pointed to x15. We also see you are using multi accounts that is not allowed please use one account going forward.