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  1. darkblade


    Im going to be on vacation for the next two weeks, so if you accept my request for hosting. I may be inactive for some time. But please do accept my request, I want to come back and start working on my website.
  2. darkblade

    What taking so long

    I have noticed that admins or mods send a request to the pending area, They never respond. What is taking so long for them to read the application? Just want to know.
  3. darkblade


    I say that you make a seperate forum like a market so people can trade stuff, like banner or sigs, for points. That will make this place more organized.
  4. darkblade

    Gears of War Trialer

    This is totally sweet looking. This might be the reason why I get a Xbox 360. Today Microsoft released the high-definition version of its E3 2005 trailer for Gears of War. The Epic-developed shooter is host to some of Xbox 360's most impressive visuals displayed yet. While the previous trailer...
  5. darkblade


    Everyone, hey. Hope this host will be the best.