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    Favorite Old School Games

    Hmmm. Sounds familar. But its not ringing any bells.
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    Does anyone know if this is possible?

    In all honesty get a new processor and motherboard. You're running dated hardware. For a couple hundred bucks you could get a cheap MOBO and CPU. This may mean new components elsewhere as well. But if you do some looking, I'm sure you can find a MOBO that has the connections needed for the rest...
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    Best Hosting !

    If it does, its merely coincidence. :) That was my honest thoughts of x10.
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    Could not install Joomla Extensions

    Joomla! 1.5.7 is out of date. 1.5.8 is the newest release. I dont use Fantastico, so I dont know how much of the install they do. But during the normal install of Joomla, you can choose to "Install via FTP" for installing extensions. If this information is incorrect you can get the error...
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    3D guitar

    Program? Renderer? The edges of the guitar body seem too sharp. Softer edges would also help with the lighting and appearance. Why do the stings seem to stand out just fine, when the body itself fades to black? The material? Something that refracts and diffuses the light a little more might...
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    which audio player do u prefer?

    WinAmp here. I would get issues with WMP during cpu or member intensive tasks, and the music would fade, cut, chop, hiccup all the while. Got WinAmp, and never looked back. The features, size it takes up, and resources it use, make it far superior to WMP.
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    see what other program install in other Lan PC ?

    I didnt notice the LAN part. I was simply talking about the window user accounts. That's my fault. If they want to see if its their sons computer causing the issue. Simply remove his computer from the network and retest the connection speed. If it goes up, its something on his computer. If it...
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    Which Operating System do you prefer?

    I think if you build your own computers. Using Windows O/S is not a bad choice at all. Now...that said. If you go buy a computer from any store, chances are when you get it turned on, there will be a TON of crap loaded on there. I hate that they pre-load everything now. Before, when you got a...
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    Best Hosting !

    @Max - Really?? If it is, I have no idea. I've never read them. I just wrote how I felt about x10hosting. That was the point, correct? They are awesome, they do rock, they have great services at great prices. The support is usually great. The features you get for just a free host is insane. And...
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    Would you.. for someone you cared.. or not?

    "Are you serious? Of coarse not. All humans make mistakes and no amount of trust can justify that or prove that your friend is in the right mind. Your mind goes crazy to avoid pain, and great emotional pain clouds your judgment. There is a reason that people who attempt suicide go to jail!"...
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    Favorite Old School Games

    I dont remember that game. But it reminds me of Micro Machine Racers. That was another fun one I use to play a lot. Then again you cant forget others like Excite Bike, Road Rage, Ninja Turtles, X-men(for Sega), the ORIGINAL MORTAL KOMBAT. So many...soo so many games...
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    Anyone play BF2 or BF2142?

    They may be "old" by some peoples standards. But there's still plenty of servers and people playing. And the games still fun. If any of you do happen to get on, toss me your player name. Could probably get you on our teamspeak for some fun.
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    see what other program install in other Lan PC ?

    Using the main administrator account you should be able to see what all is installed for any given user. If the master account is passworded, then you're out of luck. As you're basically asking for hacking advice.
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    Whats your Web Design Project?

    I too am slowly working on my clans website. Though I've moved from phpbb to FB as far as forums go. Hopefully within the month I should have it finished. But know knows, these things can become quite lengthy and demanding.
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    Favorite Old School Games

    Virtual Mario! That's right, I said it. Virtual Mario! How many of you guys had that one? Nothing like seeing a red lined Wario. But really, thinking back I didn't really enjoy it. It was short lived. I remember game gear, and things as well. Of course the original Nintendo. Who didn't like...
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    If you use Joomla, this might help you!

    Hey everyone. If you happen to use Joomla! you might want to keep on reading. Also, if you don't happen to use Joomla! but have been giving it some thought. You too may want to keep reading as well. Personally I use Joomla!. I love it. Its great. Has a lot of features. But I've been wanting a...
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    100000 green bottles sitting on the wall

    99900 green bottles sitting on a wall 99900 green bottles sitting on a wall And if 1 green bottle was to accidentally fall There'd be 99899 green bottles sitting on the wall Just wondering. If I were to say.....crash a car into said wall. Can I knock all the bottles down and just save us the...
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    simple forum game

    Pasta, of course! Captain Kirk or Captain Janeway?
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    Count to 1 Million

    575 posts in this thread, that will NEVER ever make it to 1,000,000
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    I was banned because...

    I was banned for allowing my insurance to expire. That gecko told me I was paid up....that...gecko... he will pay for his lies... How were you banned?