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  1. quickmanx262

    Subdomain/redirect issue

    This does seem to have been resolved, but to the best of my knowledge, I never used any CDN service. I'm very confused as to how the nameservers were changed in the first place, as I have not logged into my domain provider's portal in some time (they do not even have a record of a login from...
  2. quickmanx262

    Subdomain/redirect issue

    I did make sure to remove the directory for the subdomain after cleaning it out and making sure anything unique to it was properly backed up. I do use a .com domain name, and taking a look at my domain provider is showing that my nameservers are not pointing here... Which doesn't make sense...
  3. quickmanx262

    Subdomain/redirect issue

    Hi all. I set up a subdomain on my website ages ago for a webforum that is no longer in "public" use. It is fairly run of the mill stuff - visiting the base directory for the forum is supposed to redirect to the subdomain for it, etc. Earlier this year, I removed that subdomain and also...
  4. quickmanx262

    Password reset problem

    Hi all. I noticed that my email and website were down today and I figured maybe I had let the month go by without visiting my control panel, and when I tried to log in, I noticed that if I hadn't logged in since the 3rd, I was going to have to reset my password... But the email that I would...
  5. quickmanx262

    Email still missing

    I suppose I'll make a thread to add to the stack of threads that are piling up about email being inaccessible since this server migration, is there an ETA on this? I couldn't get any emails for a few days, and suddenly got connection again around the 22nd of December, and as magically as it came...
  6. quickmanx262

    PHP Error on this host?

    Going to reply to my own thread here to provide a little more information after much more testing done to a working script than should have to be done: $finalVal = round(1/(10**($combVal/400), 2, PHP_ROUND_HALF_UP)); is where this page fails. If I comment that out, it works... But this is the...
  7. quickmanx262

    PHP Error on this host?

    Hi all, Today I wrote a small PHP script to do some number crunching for me. At 64 lines, it is well beyond what I'd consider "small"... but for some reason, it doesn't work. This isn't a "help me with my code" thread, because I know the code is good - I've tested it on another server and it...
  8. quickmanx262

    cPanel - 500 Server Error

    The server status claims that everything is A-OK, but today upon trying to open my cPanel, I'm getting a 500 Error: The system failed to open the session file “/var/cpanel/sessions/raw/:WhuYidREu44P9q4n” because of an error: No space left on device at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/ line...
  9. quickmanx262

    Setup email on Android device?

    When I try to set up my email on my android device through the email app, the phone endlessly tries to connect to the server. I assume I have some information incorrect, or else the host doesn't allow connections like that. Is there a page or thread that has the required information, ie do I...
  10. quickmanx262

    Parked Domain(s)

    Ah, ok. That's a feature I've never even looked into, thanks for telling me about it. I do indeed have my add-on domains free, so I'll go with that option.
  11. quickmanx262

    Parked Domain(s)

    I'm not sure if this is where this request goes, these forums have changed quite a bit since I first came here for hosting. I've had my hosting account here for ages, and I know once upon a time, requests for extra storage were reviewed here, so I'm wondering, can I get an extra parked domain...
  12. quickmanx262

    Absolute down

    For further clarification, Cpanel and email can be accessed while these downtimes happen, but the website itself is unavailable. I think it's a port issue.
  13. quickmanx262

    Absolute down

    I second this problem. For about a week now, my site hosted on Absolut has had momentary downtimes. These are sporadic and may not be occurring when anyone looks into it, making it appear that there is no problem. The downtimes only last for three to four minutes each at the shortest, but they...
  14. quickmanx262

    Error 503 on my website

    Bother to read, the staff has been aware of this for 4 days, so don't act like it's being completely ignored.
  15. quickmanx262

    Server Moves

    I would like to make sure, have the nameservers changed at all, or do they still resolve to and My site that was on stoli (and as such should be successfully transferred to absolut) has been down for about 12 hours, so I want to make sure I don't need to...
  16. quickmanx262

    My site seems to be... half not working.

    My site at (hosted here with the subdomain has been acting strange for the last few days, with the site returning a 503 most of the day. Is this a problem with the entire network, or is it something I can solve on my own?
  17. quickmanx262

    Stoli MySQL databases still causing problems

    I think it's been... maybe a week now? No matter how long it's been, there is the occasional error involving MySQL with my installation of Simple Machines Forum. The two most typical errors are: White Screen: SMF Was unable to contact the database. This may be due to an error or the server...
  18. quickmanx262

    SQL Databases

    Over the past two or three days, my forum, which is the only thing on my entire site ( has been saying that it is having problems connecting to the database. When I went into the MySQL Database Manager, I noticed that for a second, it said I have no databases associated with my...
  19. quickmanx262

    HRU (High Resource Usage) Policy Change

    Since there's no way to actually track down the cause of your high resource usage, and all you see is the time of the high usage, I'm not really seeing where the new cpanel tools are all that helpful. I personally preferred the old system of just being able to turn my site back on. A more...
  20. quickmanx262

    High system resource usage

    It happened again, even though I completely removed the file causing the error from the server.