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    account managers look here

    ok account managers i have a enw website and need my old files could you give me them ??? like a back up of it ? wel my old link was
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    internal error ???

    i just put all my files into my chat and this comes up , which shouldnt becuas ei have the correct files please tell me what has gone wrong Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server...
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    Big Problem

    jusat signed up got account and here is link click on that and look what comes up .com in google ??? plz help me
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    what next ?

    i made my account , got the email , went to the validation site and it said t wil be u hourly and it isnt up and its past the hour mark and also i forogt my pass , or is it that it doesnt show up until , the ful hour has been ?
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    timed out ?

    my acount is not loading up it says timed out
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    My accound was suspended! Can you give me one more chance i am so SRY! Suspension Reason: Too many ignorant people for me to stand! PLEASE UNSUSPEND ME!
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    hello every one my nake is jonny im from uk im 16 years of age i like playing sport i am very tall and very fit jonny101