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  1. idoner

    Server Chopin.x10 issues

    It is getting up for some seconds and then down again for minutes.......
  2. idoner

    Server Chopin.x10 issues

    That is sad, now my site is totally down. :(
  3. idoner

    Server Chopin.x10 issues

    My site is at Chopin.x10 server and is running very slow or sometimes it is not running at all for some mins or getting timeout errors. Any idea why happens? it will be fixed?
  4. idoner

    HELP. i deleted all the defult files :(

    Doesn't the restore option from your cpanel work?
  5. idoner

    please help, my accont has been suspended

    Mine too is suspended just for little(hours) delay inactivity and i can't handle my visitors telling me what is going on and receiving emails... that gets me so tired but my request worked but it says pending for a looong time now, also sent a ticket support but... still nothing...... :( all...