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    Flipping Card effect help

    Not true at all. Ive done just this in jQuery. while i will admit. its more work (image) wise. But ive done it. I use it for a dashboard like mac's osx that i made. When you press info it does the flip.
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    Scroll bar help (PHP)

    If you want to make personalized scrollers, look into mootools javascript framework. Its impress enough. you can do the same thing, with jQuery and Prototype, just takes more code. let me see if i cant find it.. yupp here it is...
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    Scroll bar help (PHP)

    hey just some advice Use this good luck!
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    Flash Web design and google ad

    You learn AS and find out how to include html files into your flash sites.
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    video sharing script help...

    What do you have right now? (if anything.) What you want to do is some work. sounds to me like you'll need.. Approve/ Deny Comments. Upload, name, archaive videos. Delete, edit, disable Videos. A .flv, or what ever your using for your format player. Video views. Video Rating...
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    worse than Novice web site designer!! NEED HELP

    Yeah, if you want a headache! I suggest using or If you use the php net manual it should only be for quick referencing. anything else just adds unwanted confusion.
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    How do I intergrate

    your going to need to use SQL if I understand your question/problem. also, i looked at your webpage, you are using a php contact form. but you want to use aspx files? (seems kinda silly..stick with one language.)
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    Xampp cannot open Welcome Page

    Looks to me like a header is trying to generate an image, but you have left out an i. Why your using a DNS query...for an image creation in a header. I haven't the slightest. Also, why are you trying to upload xampp stuff onto this server? if you are not...then that means your testing...
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    Contact Form! Help!

    Out of all of the sites that i have seen this one has a great contact form. If i had time i would write my own for you. but this forum user posted his own. try it out.
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    zip file

    If your asking about backing up your data, then all yes you can. simply check all files you want to put into a back up. (in file manager, on your cPanel) and press compress. that will add it to a zip file on your server, and you can then download that compressed file. good luck!
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    PHP Login code integrating help....

    What is your main problem? I dont feel like looking back ;)
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    Learn PhHP for dummies

    Agreed. w3schools is where i had started, but i also found a good playground of knowledge.
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    PHP contact form?

    Thats an okay contact form. But if a user gets antsy about the time it takes for the server to post the file, they may hit the submit button alot, sending you ALOT of unwanted emails. Id suggest looking up javascript submit disable. So that onClick of Submit it becomes disabled. Just alittle...
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    PHP Login code integrating help....

    Actually .html files can output php -> depending on the server configuration. Alright good.
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    PHP Login code integrating help....

    Let me see if ive got this right, you want to style your login, to look like your site? And only show content to users that are signed up?
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    Php IP address redirect

    While it would be easier for this person to use .htaccess they may not understand it. Because im willing to guess this user wants to document all movement by any given IP. Id suggest some class php files. If i break any rules dont hate me! Im new! :dunno: The files im showing are written by...
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    how to edit flash games

    you Are going too need to have your .fla source if your extension is .swf such as flashgame.swf you wont be able to edit it with out decompiling it. and if the game wasn't made by you...then decompiling it is illegal and you wont get help from anyone xD hahaha due too no one wanting to be...
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    Account Suspension Due To Ad Problems

    In my rush to redo my site i only placed on ad on the index.php page, I am sorry for this, i was planning on putting my ads up later this evening i guess it should have been TOP priority but i failed in doing so. I apologize for my actions, and will include my ad.php file upon getting my...
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    My site doesn't load at all,

    The IP in post is the ip that my ping found, i got on this morning and it worked. i am still not sure what happened but as of before my ping loooked like ping Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data: Request timed out...
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    My site doesn't load at all,

    Yes ive also restarted my computer, flushed dns hard reset wireless router and numeris other things :\ i keep coming back to a Sorry, '' does not exist or is not available! error from my zoomtown company..anymore ideas? and i thank you for all your help as of so far...