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    If a nuclear World War III were to break out tommorow, what would you do?

    Yeah but don't worry when you turn 18 and head to Australia to collect centrelink payments you will be able to claim radiation poisoning through medicare. :thefinger
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    Network in vista doesen't work

    What do you mean lenovo want you to use their faulty software? are you actually talking about wireless and not a LAN ? perhaps you should try and update your wireless drivers and if you are in fact in a large class full of people talk to your schools network administrators about their...
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    Asp/asp .net/php

    lol 1. If your dad worked for IBM would you be voting for Cobol ? 2. I'm sure PHP would be just as easy 3. if you had ever tried php you would know it works fine on windows
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    Wikipedia, and other Wikimedia wikis

    seems most of your edits are petty fights between yourself and others
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    Monitor turning Yellow[Help]

    it sounds like a broken cable, that or your urinating on it
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    Publicizing my site

    This is one of the nicer sites I have seen put up here for review, I dont see a need for the flash site, everything you have done with it could have been done with css & html
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    Favourite Star Trek Captain

    her flaw was that she did not follow the prime directive, not that she was too attached to it.... did you watch the series finale?
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    PHP vs. ASP

    its more like pascal
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    Favourite Star Trek Captain

    Sisko was promoted to Captain during the Dominion War after he was given command of a ship... you can't be captain of a space station Who make up this stupid choices? I wanted to vote for captain Sulu Edit: James T Kirk was promoted to admiral and became chief of Starfleet operations
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    Super Hosting

    go register a domain then...
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    PHP vs. ASP

    this is definately not the place for this thread also seems that no-one that has posted yet has ever used asp yet they all have an opinion..... Asp is quite good if your trying to do something with a database and you have little experience because you can use access databases which is a nice...
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    Review rsginternational

    all your graphics need to be fixed it takes ages for your site to load and i have 8mbit internet connection e.g. the photos of people are huge but scaled down 720px × 749px (scaled to 53px × 53px)
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    Please. I need someone to rete this " Under costruction" Page.

    I dont understand why you have several languages on your site but not english? I rate it 0, as the front page image is all chopped up and loads very slowly because its chopped up and then its multi-language but does not support english
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    Running a Server

    considering how little you seem to know about computers I would suggest a service like X10 hosting you can find their website @
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    [Site For Review] Tittat here

    lol its a cow and yeah it looks terrible with the white showing through
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    Constructive Feedback Please

    perhaps change the entire site from one that is trying to steal peoples identity and fill their mailboxes with spam and other scams to a picture of a flower that would be nice.
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    Constructive Feedback Please

    Hmm it just looks like every other scam site, perhaps try for something a bit fresh to distinguish yourself from the other scammers on the internet?
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    Which hotmail email domain is better

    Re: Which email is better this thread is stupid, it makes no difference its the same thing oh and its terrible
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    suspension petition

    Petition to have the originator of this thread suspended
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    Windows 7(Vienna)

    What a load of complete garbage Why would microsoft cancel Sp2 for vista before it is even released? They released sp3 for WindowsXP after vista was released.