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  1. Arkayer

    Earn $63 Monthly

    From what I know, is a scam. This is a post from another forum I'm a member of:
  2. Arkayer

    Everybodies Occupations

    Occupation: Student (Senior in HS) Income: $0 (Probably should have gotten a part time job when I was 16 since I have way too much free time nowadays) Do I like my 'bosses'? I have none, unless you count authorities in my life, such as my parents who support me. Yeah, I like them. :P
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    Latest signature tags

    Listed from oldest to newest. The ones that don't have my name were requests I did for other people.
  4. Arkayer

    your gender...

    I stand when I pee.
  5. Arkayer

    Your Favorite Instrumental Songs

    Thanks for the comment. :P And guys have some great taste in music. I'm starting to listen to everyone's favorites, but I can't seem to grow a liking for those heavy metal instrumentals (not that I don't respect your choices).
  6. Arkayer

    Your Favorite Instrumental Songs

    I finally got around to making my first YouTube video, featuring short audio clips of my favorite instrumental songs. For those of you that don't listen to music that often, instrumentals are songs without any lyrics. Are there any instrumental songs...
  7. Arkayer

    New custom theme for my blog

    The text colors in the banner clash with each other, making the text look blurry.
  8. Arkayer

    Any guides for starting phpbb3 forums?

    Thanks for the information, but I really am a total newbie at this, seeing that I barely understood what TheMan117 said. :\ I don't have a domain, besides those .tk redirects. Where would I find cPanel's MySQL database manager?
  9. Arkayer

    Any guides for starting phpbb3 forums?

    I am a total newbie when it comes to this stuff. I've only gotten as far as downloading the "phpBB 3.0.2 (zip)" file and I don't know what to do next. I know I want to use x10Hosting to host the forum, but I don't know where to start. Are there any people/guides out there that can explain how...
  10. Arkayer

    How's this forum doing so far?

    I just created a forum three days ago using Forumer and I used one of their skins. One thing I was wondering about is the banner; is it the right size and does it blend in well with the general purpose of the site? Tk redirect: Actual site...
  11. Arkayer

    How do I upload smilies on vBulletin?

    I think there already is an images/smilies folder since there are already 84 smilies in the Generic Smilies category. I just don't see why it won't let me add anymore. How would I make another folder within the vBulletin folders? Sorry for all the questions. I appreciate all the help.
  12. Arkayer

    Been working on to projects this year, READ THIS

    This is just something small, but it should say "We're" instead of "Were."
  13. Arkayer

    Get comments on your blog/site

    These articles and pictures may bore you to death, since I practically posted anything, such as old homework, tags, and online game guides. I hope it was worth a try. :P
  14. Arkayer

    Get Free .TK domain with DNS Support.

    Are referrals the only way we can earn virtual fish? It could take some time to refer 17 people for the paid domain. :\
  15. Arkayer

    BandWidth Explained

    Thanks for sharing this guide. This definitely helped clear some questions I had about bandwidth.
  16. Arkayer

    How do I upload smilies on vBulletin?

    Err - what do you mean by the smilies folder? I downloaded some smilies off the internet and saved the .gifs on my desktop. The Generic Smilies category in the vBulletin control panel currently contains 84 smilies, but I'm not sure how to add anymore.
  17. Arkayer

    What would you rather have

    I was a PlayStation fan until XBOX 360 came out. I love XBOX 360 for its wide variety of games and for XBOX Live, of course.
  18. Arkayer

    Three Minute Meals

    Here are two fairly old Mad TV sketches called "3 Minute Meals." If you're unusually disgusted by fake blood, these videos aren't for you. Banana Splits Tuna Melts
  19. Arkayer

    A couple recent tags

    As the title says, here are just a couple tags that I've made in the past month or so. They are listed from most recent to least recent.
  20. Arkayer

    How do I upload smilies on vBulletin?

    After I click on the Upload button, I get the following message: What am I doing wrong?