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  1. nanoman

    [Help] Using mod_rewrite to do some stuff...

    In my main .htaccess (on x10hosting account) I got this: RewriteCond %{THE_REQUEST} ^[A-Z]{3,9}\ /([^/#?\ ]+/)*index\.html?\ HTTP/ RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^((www|forum)\.example\.com) [OR] RewriteCond www.%{HTTP_HOST} ^(www\.example\.com) RewriteRule ^(([^/]+/)*)index\.html?$ http://%1/$1...
  2. nanoman

    Am I banned on

    Did I said that I use proxy all the time? I was just using it when I already couldn't access x10 from my own IP. BTW something strange is happening with the Cossacks server. My website doesn't work and also doesn't. And besides I couldn't access x10 site...
  3. nanoman

    Am I banned on

    Well I dunno what happened, but I works again perfectly for me. Should I say - WTF? Anyway thanky!
  4. nanoman

    Am I banned on

    Well I am logging in the forum frequently to not get my acc suspended. I am also logging in my cPanel frequently. I can enter my cPanel 100% I can enter my website 100% But I CAN'T enter I can't ping also x10hosting. I tried in my school and it also didn't enter...
  5. nanoman

    OMG! My Siberian Husky has a crush on me!!

    lool...imagin that a bacteria is sitting on your leg and shouting: yeah baby,yeah cmon I'm almost done w8 a sec...^^
  6. nanoman

    OMG! I am feeling guilty about my graphic's banner!

    Hmm...if the globe is your own hand creation then, wow you're good, but for me it would take emm lets say - 10 years to create atleast something similar to globe. lol
  7. nanoman

    OMG! My Siberian Husky has a crush on me!!

    Well my cat(she) is always going where I am going and always sleeping on me even if I am just partially in a sitting position. lol Maybe she's also in love with me? Well, but her reaction to my girls is the same as to anyone else - always cute and licking their hands. ^^
  8. nanoman

    OMG! I am feeling guilty about my graphic's banner!

    3 weeks? wth I would just simply grab some globe from google images and add a text and thats all = 1-2 min. ^^
  9. nanoman

    OMG! I am feeling guilty about my graphic's banner!

    Too bold font. And I will say - you can do better.
  10. nanoman

    OMG! My Siberian Husky has a crush on me!!

    Haha....omg so freaking funny....a dog is in love with a human. ^^ Just don't break her heart! lol Maybe she's the one, but just in other kind of form? :D lol sorry about that, couldn't resist. still laughing...lool
  11. nanoman

    What should I do with my...

    Use it as a backup drive. Or you could code an application which would firstly put registry keys in the system and then start the CoD and wait till the game exits and then ask whether to remove the registry keys or not. :P
  12. nanoman

    point domain to x10hosting

    My domain was working in 1-2 hours after the Name Server change.
  13. nanoman

    The smallest USB stick

    Smallest - 256MB (Kingston Fan here) ^^
  14. nanoman

    Game Trainers - Do you think they make a game fun?

    Well when I get boored I start using trainers and cheats, but after a while I am thinking: "Why t3h hell I even started using them, now all the game impression is spoiled and I got even more boored and I am even thinking about deletion of the game." So I say hell NO. Trainers ruin all the game...
  15. nanoman

    What is your biggest USB stick?

    Kingston DataTraveler Reader (2GB + MicroSD inside of it - 8GB = 10GB):
  16. nanoman

    Index changed to x10 default one...

    Well now everything is back to normal...weird. Anyway my problem is solved so I will close the thread!
  17. nanoman

    Index changed to x10 default one...

    Is there really no one that could help us?
  18. nanoman

    Index changed to x10 default one...

    I haven't modified anything in my site already a week and was visiting it when I was at internet, but now when I am entering my site it shows the default x10 index.html file. One the web disk there are no index.html, since my website has only .php's. Help! :P Server: Cossacs Site...
  19. nanoman

    What would you improve?

    The most important for me is the speed and I also speak for the normal peoples who surft the internet. I would want so that for example on each website each visitor can get their maximal speed not wait till the page will load slowly like it would be on a dial-up connection.
  20. nanoman

    [5000 points!]Help with cellphone connection to PC.

    I don't know if this could help, but anyway: I had problems connecting my phone to PC also, but then I read in the internet that I should uninstall any drivers and stuff related to my phone and then reboot the computer, then download a bit older drivers and other stuff for the phone and then...