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  1. softsys2

    Important Multi-Account Unblock Requests

    I request my account to be released Error code EA40E1EA02779A058 DOMAIN:
  2. softsys2

    Resolved Can't Access cPanel

    use chrome or edge incognit mode for acces to DirectAdmin panel
  3. softsys2

    Resolved My site not work

    actually that I have, but now every time I try to open it with https protocol it shows this
  4. softsys2

    Resolved My site not work

    it's ok, my web site shows again, but i have a question, why not work with https, only work with http
  5. softsys2

    Resolved My site not work

    when access to my web site, show this page
  6. softsys2

    Resolved can't access to my account

    can't acces to my account, and not have a proxy in my network, i don't know if my organization have a proxy, help me
  7. softsys2

    cPanel Cloudflare Link Error

    Same issue, help