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  1. iSean

    Account Upgrade Page Broken

    Same, and my prime upgrade has expired, and I am unable to purchase it again due to this blank page :L
  2. iSean

    What does this mean?

    Your FTP account might have a limit on space, you can set it to infinite in cPanel.
  3. iSean

    Phpmyadmin doesn't load..!

    If you download the latest version of PHPMyAdmin from here > You can then upload the ZIP to your root directory and unzip it. Then you can navigate to it. It will be faster, easier to access and up-to-date.
  4. iSean

    Unable to load SOA records / domain keys and dns zone file is missing

    If you look here > You can see that your nameservers have not fully been updated across the globe, if the x10 servers are located in a country that is not propogated, then it will not see the nameservers as...
  5. iSean

    X10 Sucks Nothing Works

    x10 does NOT suck, you are using a server that is used by thousands of users without forking out any money, there are bound to be some bugs. It would be helpful if you told us the errors you are getting instead of just telling us what doesn't work!
  6. iSean


    I logged in without recieving any errors.
  7. iSean

    DNS Propagation

    I am in the exact same boat, it's been over 72 hours for me too from crazydomains XD
  8. iSean

    Illuminated Plan

    That's premium though, not illuminated, I don't need all the features of x10premium yet XD
  9. iSean

    Illuminated Plan

    I was going to buy an Illuminated upgrade but noticed you can only pay $60 for 5 years, Is their ever going to be some other plans like $36 for 3 years? or even $24 for 2? if you don't want to charge monthly?
  10. iSean

    Change servername level to absolut?

    I had that problem aswell for some reason when trying to upload into a directory under an addon domain, but it works if you upload to the default x10 domain I removed sqlbuddy and installed phpmyadmin in my directory as you can see here is is much faster than...
  11. iSean


    If you login on this page every month, then your site will probably be suspended for some other reason, such as a breach of the terms of service with your account. Make sure your account is following these rules:
  12. iSean


    Are you login in via the portal here?
  13. iSean

    Change servername level to absolut?

    just one quick thing if your problem is PHPMyAdmin maybe you could try an open source third party solution such as SQLBuddy which should be faster without any problems. You simple download it, then unzip the file onto a directory on your file manager and then you can simple navigate to it and...
  14. iSean

    DNS Propagation

    I am in the same boat with you @Sakimabear and @critter74845 as I have a domain with crazydomains and have been waiting 5 days now for it to propagate now only getting it to propogate in 2 to 3 eastern countries, I am also with the Vox server, I don't know if it is a DNS propblem with...
  15. iSean

    DNS Propagation

    Unfortunatly I can't tell you how long it will take because it varies. The propogation time depends on how often servers / isp's refresh their dns caches to update DNS records across the web.
  16. iSean

    DNS Propagation

    Well as you can see here, it's not fully propogated, If it works on your other host then it may be because there servers are located within the countries on that list that are propogated.
  17. iSean

    DNS Propagation

    I have bought many domain it names before and only had to wait around 24 hours, but I bought one recently and updated my nameservers and it has been over 4 days so far and it's not propogating, their seems to be a large number of people with domain names facing this problem, I don't think it...
  18. iSean


    I think that this is the case with most users on the free hosting. Probably some back end issue with the server due to the amount of users. You might want to try using another database management software such as SQLBuddy which you can simply install by uploading to a directory on your web root.
  19. iSean

    Cannot add domain help me please

    Are your name servers on your domain set to and ?
  20. iSean

    Parked Domain- how do i get custom in address bar?

    Yes, what you want to use is an "Addon Domain" instead of a parked domain. Go to your cPanel (Assuming you are using cPanel Basic). Click on "Domains" in the navigation, then click on "Add New Domain" You can then follow the instructions from their. Remember to choose "Addon Domain" not...