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  1. joshuakrull64

    Disk Full Error

    I am getting the 552 disk full error upon uploading some files. Thanks
  2. joshuakrull64

    JavaScrip for the absolute beginner?

    Here is another spot that has some good information.
  3. joshuakrull64

    Possible Layout

    So you are saying this is a template I just edited? Or are you saying I copied someone else design? I don't understand? A ribbon on a box is something that isn't new... Granted it is over played, but I got annoyed trying to think of a new and exciting way...
  4. joshuakrull64

    The Ctrl+V game

    # $.ajax({ # cache: false, # type: "GET", # timeout: 5000, # url: "handler.php", # success: function(msg) # { # doSomethingClever(); # }, # error: function(msg) # { #...
  5. joshuakrull64

    Possible Layout

    Hello everyone, I am in the process of creating a layout for my site to use in my portfolio and would like some feedback. The layout is based on the 960 grid system. I would also like some ideas on how I should design the header links, I do not really want to just add text links with no real...
  6. joshuakrull64

    Payment Manager?

    If this is for a hosting website I would recommend WHMCS This is by far the best automated script for hosting I have ever had the pleasure of using.
  7. joshuakrull64

    I made a layout! (criticism helps you help me help us all)

    I would get rid of the background image and the multi colors. Try to make it simple with subtle colors. Yes I know my url in my signature is just a default wordpress theme, but I am creating a html/css layout for it. I can show you some examples if need be. EDIT - Here is a example i threw...
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    Raw Beginner at Web & HTML Needs Help!

    When I was in college for web design they offered a wonderful book it is called HTML,XHTML & CSS Sixth Edition. Granted the book is now way out of date compared with the new HTML5/CSS3, but this might help you start off with some basic things. If you would like to know more about the book or a...
  9. joshuakrull64

    Web designer

    Your website doesn't even show up... That is not a good starting point for any designer. It will also be very hard for you to find a professional designer willing to work for free, my suggestion is go to your local college and ask around the design dept. the people who are going to school for...
  10. joshuakrull64

    Count to 10

  11. joshuakrull64

    website online

    Viewed your website.
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    Hi there

    Welcome to x10, hope you enjoy your stay, there is some wonderful people here especially in IRC
  13. joshuakrull64

    Whats The Last Game You Bought?

    I just bought NFS Hot Pursuit for my PS3, but I also bought a Calico Vision from my grandma for a high price of 20$.
  14. joshuakrull64

    Photoshop Tutorials

    I will be starting some photoshop tutorials shortly for anyone who would like to learn something. I need ideas on what you would like to see done. I can either do them in text/image format or I can do screencasts and upload them to youtube. Which would you rather prefer?
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    Please review my website @

    Where is the footer?
  16. joshuakrull64

    Site loading extremely slow

    Yes seems to have been resolved... Thanks for the quick response and you may close the thread.
  17. joshuakrull64

    Site loading extremely slow

    My domain is loading extremely slow. I have tried the cpanel url also and it loads but is slow also.
  18. joshuakrull64

    My Intro

    I would send a support ticket to x10hosting about your issue. I personally can not help you because I am not tech support.
  19. joshuakrull64

    My Intro

    Hello everyone, First off my name is Joshua, but everyone calls me Josh. I am 28 years old and have two wonderful boys, their ages are 5 and 2. I am completely infatuated with my kids to the point I have their names tattooed on my forearms. My day job is a painter for a cast iron production...