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  1. hcse26

    ooh Lord of the Keys :D

    ooh Lord of the Keys :D
  2. hcse26

    CS:S anyone?

    I think I'm interested... I think Imma want to bring CS:Source interest back into my buddies but Im gonna ask them if they'd be interested to play and let me get back to ya... ;)
  3. hcse26

    Want to be part of the x10 Team?

    Guess I'll have to wait a year more.... dang...
  4. hcse26

    Same Sex Parents?

    I believe in democracy but as you know that everything has it's limits and this one is no different.
  5. hcse26

    Windows 7 build 7022 Images

    build 7022 looks great but as Russ says, they won't be released and the next one may be until RC1....
  6. hcse26


    .02 cents? That's what I thought but only get .01 per click...
  7. hcse26

    New Site

    It's really cool and it's worth all the wait and it's the reboot that the main x10Hosting site needed. More Power guys :)
  8. hcse26


    Signed up already :) Just wondering bout your paypal. You really used that name?
  9. hcse26

    Internet Speed

    If your client really wants a good and fast hosting service, convince him to get the x10Hosting Development Package. It's for 20 bucks. Features are: 500MB Diskspace 20GB Bandwidth 25 FTP Accounts 25 Email Accounts 10 MySQL Databases 10 Parked Domains 10 Add-on Domains
  10. hcse26

    x10Newsletter - What do you want?

    Oh kewl. That's good to know it's already there. *Not to self: Stop being ignorant and read the newsletter :p*
  11. hcse26

    PHP dont work correct on my site

    Geez, request a PHPv2 upgrade on your account management panel.
  12. hcse26

    x10Newsletter - What do you want?

    Well this ain't in the choices but I think there should the 'Top 5 x10hositng Sites' in the newsletter.
  13. hcse26

    2 ways to create a 301 Redirect

    Redirecting with PHP <? Header( "HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently" ); Header( "Location:" ); ?> Copy the source code and edit "" with your own url and save it as a .php file 301 Redirect with .htaccess Create a .htaccess file with the...
  14. hcse26

    help needing to build a desktop

    well I just have to make sure I have money :naughty:
  15. hcse26

    Hey, Any computer tech's here?

    Thanks ;) [please rep xD]
  16. hcse26

    Are you a Lefty, Moderate or Righty?

    Well I'm a moderate on politics but I do side with political parties at times. What I mean by saying moderate is if their ideas, projects, whatever... does good for the people. Living in a country that has the masses as the majority if the population, It's darn sure that they'll choose the...
  17. hcse26

    how do i track the visitors to my site?

    Oh geez. It's really annoying when n00bs ask questions on the Introductions sections. Isn't this section supposed to be the place to say hi or hello to x10? I mean, does the "not being able to read" count as a definition of a noob now?
  18. hcse26

    Statistics Error

    Yes. Someone can help you. Head over to, use your forum login and create a support ticket. ;)
  19. hcse26

    speakers don't work

    ever tried to look if the driver works on the Device Manager? Trust me, that tool tells alot ;)
  20. hcse26

    help needing to build a desktop

    Well that's the best bang for your buck but the 1st Review says " Value for money - Not recommended for Gaming" Does that answer your question?