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    Thanks buddy..... i will use in my site today!!!
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    Adsense issue

    Its may happened with some of javascript code... remove the code, and go to adsense control panel --> copy the code again and paste again in your site... Or try to change your site design..... Rohit @
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    Review my site

    Hay i create a blog website, but my adsense ads not performing well, so here i want expert advise how to earn more with adsense.. hay help me by reply!! my blog url is
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    Alternatives Google Adnsenes

    no no... Is this possible to earn $200 with adsense?? i have aproved adsense account but i got only $100 in 4months in my site , can you advise me how to get traffic and get adsense click by others n earn a lot??
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    SEO Rank High On Google In 48 Hours

    hay thanks, its very useful info. i do as u mentioned above for my site
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    A way to set up ads and make money.

    manage advertise between content area of ur site, i do for my site
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    wow its giving me $25 for my site , thanks
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    Paid or Free Hosting

    In my point of view free hosting is best. i'm creating my blog in a free hosting panel
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    Virtual Disc??

    Hay i'm using UltraISO, its working fine for me.
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    Hotmail Vs Yahoo Vs Gmail

    i'm using gmail, its so easy & provides POP/IMAP protocol for free. Hay i'm also using google application for my blog
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    i am giving free sponsorship every month

    Re: i am giving free sponsorship every month for hay its a nice offer for everyone.. can u advertise my link?? my url is , Its a new technical blog of mine. I'm also going to make a offer like this. check my blog for more information for free advertising...
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    Download Plugin/ software

    Post nuked by livewire for excessive spam.
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    Alternatives Google Adnsenes

    good one... i signup for my site
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    review this site

    Nice site dear, hay very good content of your site, i like black theme of fourms. my site is
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    Check my Tech Site

    Hello Friends, I'm new in the world of blogging, today i like to introduced my new tech blog site to world or x10hosting. Visit Today to my tech blog and i also make a lover zone for lover people & lastly the one of thing for all the x10hosting friends thats...
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    getting internal server error when using any php & mysql script like wordpress or php

    sir, i want to make make a blog site,but after installing wordpress or joomla from cpanel, i can't able to install plugin or update.. it says that internal server error sometimes and sometimes shows message like.. <Downloading from wordpress.. unpacking ***** plugin... installing...