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  1. Biggie

    Account Suspended

    usrnm: creature url:
  2. Biggie

    Email Confirmation

    A long time ago I set up some option through cPanel so that whenever someone sends me an email, they need to confirm it by replying. I just realized that that is the reason why I am not receiving any of the mail through the form on my webpage. Could anyone help me to disable this because I...
  3. Biggie

    Site Doesnt Work

    I'm not sure if this has been posted up, but I looked around for a little while. My site isn't working. :crying: Site: Up Since: March 2005
  4. Biggie

    Admin in PHPbb

    I was just wondering if it were at all possible to have more than one user be Admin in PHPbb 2.0.13? If yes, then how do you do it? I know it may be a stupid question, but im tired and getting frustrated.
  5. Biggie


    Hey, I got this error in my forum (PHPbb 2.0.13) when I tried to upload an avatar. :pinch: (See attached image) I think it might be the same problem as what happened to Coppermine. Thanks in advance.
  6. Biggie

    Coppermine Photo Gallery

    Hey, I dont know if there is still something wrong with the server, I looked around a bit, but everything seemed to be working alright. I have a problem with my Coppermine Photo Gallery. This shows up at the top of the page when I try to upload new pictures to the gallery: Warning...
  7. Biggie

    Ads >8o|

    I've been having some trouble with the ad codes. I keep trying to put them into my site, but it never works. I've tried like 50 different places. :sad: I'm getting very frustrated. I also would like to know how to enable e-cards in Coppermine. Site: Please...
  8. Biggie

    Staff Applications

    I did a little search, but I didn't find anything. Have you chosen all of the staff members, or are you still in the process? One more thing; will you tell everyone when it is over, or tell them that they did not get accepted?
  9. Biggie

    Account Suspended

    Hey, My account was suspended. Subdomain: How long: a couple of weeks ads on all pages: yes Apparently I was violating one of the TOS, so I guess I'll have to shut down that part of my site until I find a way of doing it differently. I am truly sorry as I had no...
  10. Biggie

    Staff Applications

    Staff Applications Are they gonna PM you, or reply to your post if you don't make it? Or are they just gonna post a stickie to say that the Staff Applications are closed, and that they have chosen new staff? :blink:
  11. Biggie


    Is there the slightest possibility that the bandwidth monitoring is screwed up? Because I was in my cPanel 20 minutes ago, and it told me that 2GB of bandwidth had been used. Now it says that 13GB has been used. My site is very new, and pretty much unknown. I don't know how that many people...
  12. Biggie

    POP3 Mail AutoConfigure

    Whenever I try to set up my POP3 e-mail to my Outlook Express through cPanel, the only option is "Auto Configure". The problem is the text below is all that shows up after I click the link to AutoConfigure. :blink: The page just appears with all this text. I dunno what to do, because I've...
  13. Biggie


    Here's 2 very stupid questions, but I'm starting to get confused, so I'm gonna ask anyways. First Question: When I'm using cPanel, and I go to File Manager to upload my website, what folder do I put it in? :blink: Because when I upload it to the main folder (/), it doesn't go to the...
  14. Biggie

    cPanel Error

    I just got my free webspace, and it gave me an error when I tried to log into my cPanel, and it won't let me get in through ftp either. When I tried cPanel, it gave me a Bad Gateway error message. This might be stupid but I dunno what to do. Someone help.