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  1. cosmocrazy

    Would you give up cPanel for better uptime?

    Does this mean there will be no control panel at all? I can't really imagine web hosting without a control panel... Maybe you can code a nicer panel like Dreamhost! They hand-coded it.
  2. cosmocrazy

    Absolute server

    It's been more than a "few hours" now....and I'm still getting a 404. FTP doesn't work either. I was making a habit of recommending x10 to my friends as the best free host, but this downtime isn't very tolerable.
  3. cosmocrazy

    GoDaddy $1.19 Domains

    Yep, expired.
  4. cosmocrazy

    Latest Update

    The way we have to access the SSL is kinda funny. Is it a wildcard certificate being used? Also, a note to those using hotlink protection: If you attempt to access your site securely, it will probably appear broken if you have hotlink protection enabled. You'd have to add...
  5. cosmocrazy

    New Site

    The new site is an interesting departure from the old site, even if it does look a little standard. I wanted to bring a few things to attention though: When I used Sxipper (Firefox extension) to fill in my login details, the password field was left in clear text. This doesn't usually...
  6. cosmocrazy

    Graphics cards! 9600, 8800, 6600 oh my!

    Wow, I didn't expect so many replies. Thanks! So I guess a 9 series isnt always better than 8? What about mobile graphics? Is the 8600M GT featured in say..a Macbook Pro comparable to a 8600 desktop card? I ask because my next big purchase is going to be a laptop, and I'd like to know more...
  7. cosmocrazy

    Graphics cards! 9600, 8800, 6600 oh my!

    Alright, so recently I've been seeing all these new cards around. These include cards from the 8 and 9 series. My question is: are the 9 series cards always better than the 8? For example: is the 9600 shown here better than the 8800 GTS? Whats the difference between an 8800 GT and an 8800 GTS...
  8. cosmocrazy

    How to render in photoshop - By JuniorD

    yeah that was extremely basic. all that copyright info was not necessary.
  9. cosmocrazy

    Free Domain(Read This)

    Alright, thanks. Are there any more things to configure before I leave it alone for a year? There are also 4 places to update the DNS servers. Do I update all of them with, ns2, ns3 ns4 etc.?
  10. cosmocrazy

    Free Domain(Read This)

    What do I have to do to actually take control of the domain? How do I set up real website forwarding? (their "Basic website forwarding" service puts ads on the bottom your browser) You know how when you get a new PC, the first thing you do is get rid of all the extra software you will never...
  11. cosmocrazy

    Free Domain(Read This)

    Wonderful! It worked flawlessly. Now what do I have to do to follow up?