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  1. Calystos

    why do we believe in a religion?

    Baaaahhhhh say the sheep... Lets follow the herd... Be like lemmings... Religion had its day, like say the dark ages when humans were too stupid to stand up an think for themselves... Though back then anyone who did so ended up being burned as a witch or something like that, haha. Its like the...
  2. Calystos

    500 Internal Server Error

    Yeah, have got the same issue with parts of my site now too. All within the past 2-3 weeks. Was working great before then. I've got a ticket in about it, so am just waiting for some results. :-( EDIT: From the looks of things (on my site at least) its like its timing out or something thus...
  3. Calystos

    hyperlinks download the file rather than displaying it though the browser.

    Yeah, hopefully no body lost anything major. Sux when something like this happens. Just glad it got fixed asap. Cos it coulda been so much worse if it hadn't. Specially if word got out to any malicious users.
  4. Calystos

    hyperlinks download the file rather than displaying it though the browser.

    LOL, classic. Love that reply. Gave me a laugh, thanks so needed that, :-) Just glad its sorted, hope that they're taking notes for incase bugs like this return, hehe.
  5. Calystos

    I can't view my site! It want's to download!

    Well I did have a good post explaining what this issue was, but it got closed and erased. Anyways, apparently this issue is now sorted. At least on stoli (as thats where my sites hosted on). The admin suggest clearing your cache. Failing that try making a ticket about it.
  6. Calystos

    hyperlinks download the file rather than displaying it though the browser.

    Looks like its resolved on stoli, least my sites back and operational. So hopefully the other servers and other accounts will get recitified soon. But still, to close and erase a topic like that... hmm... I see many other topics that have issues that have been solved for weeks or months yet...
  7. Calystos

    hyperlinks download the file rather than displaying it though the browser.

    No problem, hopefully the admin will fix things fast. I had a reply from Ashley and she's contacted the admins. So its just a case of waiting now. LOL, I just noticed my recent post telling everyone about this issue has now been totally erased. How quaint. Speak my mind, get erased... Nice...
  8. Calystos

    Websites downloading files? Read this!

    FYI, I wasn't "moaning" as you put it cos of whats happening atm. I've been with x10 since the start of September, as I needed to find an emergency host site fast as I was moving homes and had to get my site moved from my home server. And x10 was recommended by several people whom USED to use...
  9. Calystos

    Websites downloading files? Read this!

    Yeah, looks like it is something to do with the PHP system. None of my HTML files are effected only PHP files. Has anyone had any .html files having this issue? So far I've checked nearly all my site and its only the .php files that are effected.
  10. Calystos

    Websites downloading files? Read this!

    Agreed, it is indeed a major security issue and which x10Hosting need to rectify immediately. Already myself and several other x10 users that I know are looking into moving host sites. As we're getting pretty fed up with all the problems that have been happening over the past half a year...
  11. Calystos

    Websites downloading files? Read this!

    Okay, I've seen so far FIVE people posting separate threads about this single issue. USE SEARCH OR LOOK AT THE TOPICS LIST PEOPLE. Yes there is a server issue, it seems to have started up within the past 6-12 hours and seems to also be effecting all the servers. At least Stoli and Lotus are...
  12. Calystos

    My Wordpress

    K, so this is now like the 5th posting about this issue. Heh, theres nothing you can do its a server side bug. You can either just wait and they'll fix it asap or put in a ticket and wait a few days for them to answer it. Its not just wordpress, its anything. Any php or html document, etc...
  13. Calystos

    Lotus: PHP file downloading instead of content

    Theres already been like 3 other people posted about this issue. Its not just on lotus, its happening on the other servers. I myself am on stoli and its happening there too. Only recently too, within the past 6-12 hours. All we can do is either put in a ticket and wait a few days for it to...
  14. Calystos

    my site is not working

    Well I'm on stoli, and sometime today the stupid things started messing up for many people (including myself), where its downloading files instead of accessing the website properly. Nothing much anyone can do cept either wait or open a ticket I'm afraid.
  15. Calystos

    PHP Disabled

    Its not just php, its html, and anything else by the looks of it. And yes its only just started to me today too (within the past 6-12 hours). Nothing much we can do cept poss make a ticket (and wait a few days for it to be answered) or just wait.
  16. Calystos

    hyperlinks download the file rather than displaying it though the browser.

    My sites doing the same, but only within the past 6-12 hours. So looks like its a new server bug they need to sort out. I'd suggest making a ticket but they'd probably take a few days before answering it and by which time it'd probably already get fixed, lol. Plus most of the tickets people...
  17. Calystos

    my website doesn't work anymore:(

    Yup, my websites URL hasn't worked for over a week. I have had tickets in about it but all I get back is basically "just wait". Last ticket reply had something about they are working on the DNS server or something and to just wait. In the meantime I'm getting loads of emails from my friends...
  18. Calystos

    When will X10hosting be back to normal

    Well I'm on Stoli and haven't been able to access any part of my site (via ftp, http, or cPanel) for ages now. And now my URL isn't even doing anything cept coming up with errors that my doesn't exist. I had tickets open and they were closed and I was told to just wait. Sux cos I'm losing...
  19. Calystos

    When will X10hosting be back to normal

    Too true, sux all this waiting. I had a ticket in and it got closed and all I got told was to wait for them to finish their "maintenance". :-( So alas nothing we can do yet, and no actual notification of whats happening properly. Really sux, as I've had many complaints from people who used...
  20. Calystos

    Can't view my site

    Seems many are having the same problems atm, and all are getting the same answers. To just wait. My ticket was closed and I was told to just wait. So nothing anyone can do about it til things are sorted. So hopefully in another day or two it should all be back up. I've been without my site...