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  1. myforum3

    Tinyboard Questions

    Hmmm, well i think it would be near impossible for anyone to answer your questions that has never used the software, especially without actually seeing the site admin panel and in some cases the actual CPanel controls. Is your site live yet ? where is it ?
  2. myforum3

    Tinyboard Questions

    Do they not have a help forum ? ive never used that software but most have how to wiki's It cant be too complicated
  3. myforum3

    Tinyboard Questions

    All forum software allows images, why did you choose Tinyboard ?
  4. myforum3

    Tinyboard Questions

    i dont think image hosting is allowed on X10
  5. myforum3

    Need Information

    Every member, or visitor to my site has the same ip address, including me. ? Which is the IP of X10's server. This wont work, especially if there is a need to ban a users Ip, it will ban everyone on my site. Is there a fix for this ? Disregard, I figured it out :)
  6. myforum3

    Why does this happen without warning ??

    Service Unavailable The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
  7. myforum3

    Parked Domain not working?

    Perhaps >> If those are links which i assume they are, that may be your answer. I got that same error anytime i posted more than 4 links in one topic.
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    Just a thought

    Cant say you're wrong. I run several forums, mainly on paid hosting, and this is the only host that uses that feature, so it made it odd for me. I also have no spam or intrusion issues anywhere, including here. Links are a very useful feature for me and brings a lot of legit traffic to my...
  9. myforum3

    Just a thought

    Im pretty much useless in the help department as having a forum on this fantastic resource is more just a diversion to me than anything, however... I ran into an issue for the second time today that might warrant a mention in the help yourself section. Dead-i, i think it was mentioned that one...
  10. myforum3

    David Deland, aka Carl6969

    I never knew David either Corey, but i can see that his passing brought you a real saddness, and im sorry for your loss personally, as well as the loss to the many that he was able to help. That in itself is a great tribute to a obviously selfless person. Im sure he would be pleased with being...
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    I am very pleased to have located such a nice source of free webhosting. It appears to offer everything in your ad, and then some. So far i have found no issues, and really dont expect to as my site is very basic, i dont add a lot of bells and whistles, add ons or other common sources of...