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    What is the Best AntiVirus?

    Hi all, I think the antivirus should be one that uses the low resources as possible. v
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    Simple PHP guestbook GROUP

    Hi vv, I am working on it. thanks for comments.
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    Simple website

    Too simple, if is that what you wana. I would insert some HTML colour. V
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    CJ's Hobbies

    yep. title slow to read. but, overall very nice ecommerce site. V
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    Hi, I finally have put up an example. please see it here...

    Hi, I finally have put up an example. please see it here. I will put up code soon. Tahnks.V
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    Hallo from Slovenia

    Hello from the Universe.
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    Simple PHP guestbook GROUP

    Hi all, I just upload to a new website my old flat file guestbook that I am using since PHP 3. I just love this little script. I would like people to join me and grow this script. I will post here the code, and you ca see the demo on Please no spamming...
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    FireFox accessing the net Only by bookmarks.

    Hi Yang, Thanks for the tips. I have tried all, including the ones that are in mozilla support, and nothing. Until I remember that could be the Firewall, so I disable for a few seconds the firewall, and voila, it works. But, I do not want without firewall, so any clues on that? I have tried...
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    FireFox accessing the net Only by bookmarks.

    Dear All, I am using FireFox for browsing the net with my old PC. My new PC however, cannot access the webpages if I just type the URL. But, it can access the webpages that are bookmarked. For example, I have google bookmarked, and if I press on its bookmark than the browser goes to google...
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    Review My Own Hotel Site Please...I OWN 2 HOTELS:)

    Hi, The images at the bottom where about us, etc are located do not appear. Unless, that is the porpus for it, as only the image word appear. Also a bit slow. Thanks.
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    Prime Membership with Perl

    1- Where can I find the server specifications for the illuminated accounts? 2- How many members per server do you have? 3- And, from those members, how many in total domains into the server? 4- What is your maximum capacity for the servers? thanks for your help in advance.
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    Prime Membership with Perl

    Thanks m8.
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    Prime Membership with Perl

    Can Prime membership have Perl? I am developing a script in Perl, I hate PHP. Can you fellows take out the PHP and put Perl? I just need Perl, please, please, please. Thanks in advance for your help.
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    What is the Best AntiVirus?

    I am now using Avast since last November, and it looks prety good. v
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    Review my online art and web portfolio

    Very nice designs. When you do websites for others, leave your "Designed by ..." with a link to your website. v
  16. V pointing to X10 hosting not found

    Hi Anna, I think the error is because I do not have the parked on that account. I am going to try that. Thanks. V ---------- Post added at 02:03 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:00 AM ---------- No, that was not what was causing the error. I found out that I had still a...
  17. V pointing to X10 hosting not found

    Hi all, I have a that I insert in the registrar your name servers correctly. I know because At the time I had a subdomain with x10hosting such as, and was working fine. I than wanted to use the as main domain and not parked domain. So I changed the...
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    My site / Mi página

    Hi, I have tried and after 25 seconds, the page whent dead, nothing shown. I think you must have Flash in the start of the page. It may happen to others or not, but fact is when this happen with potential clients, you loose them. Try to get HTML first, than flash. V
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    Review My Site (Art Blog)

    I don't know what to say, as some how it takes a huge amount of time to load up, so I quit. It was more than 1min when I quit. v
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    New Artists Site

    wouldn't be better a white background instead of black? try it. V