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  1. parklambo

    Which is better Xampp Vs Wamp

    i'm using XAMPP, but you need to edit some line in php.ini when you run a codeigniter framework site on localhost, because you will see too many error.
  2. parklambo

    Texting while driving

    i thinks it's really dangerous because our attention will be on the phone not the road.
  3. parklambo

    Windows 8 To Stop Activation Hacks

    hackers always win :tongue:
  4. parklambo

    Please do a visit on my Blog site :)

    i already visit your site :D now visit my site too :)
  5. parklambo

    wordpress best plugin, for me

    just added some plugin that i currently use :D - All in One SEO Pack "Out-of-the-box SEO for your Wordpress blog. " - Easy Spoiler "Creates an attractive container to hide a spoiler within a post or page. Works in comments and widgets as well. Also supports clustering spoilers into groups." -...
  6. parklambo

    how ot get a nice domain

    here's some free domain site : "" "" ""
  7. parklambo

    Windows7 installation in 5 minutes

    hahaha last time i install win7 on my old laptop~ it took's up to 1 hour :wink: it's depend on your hardware :tongue:
  8. parklambo

    Get "" domain to work with your x10hosting account.

    too bad got banned by google panda :(
  9. parklambo

    How to make the page load faster

    how slow and how fast is your site, it's all depend on how fast is your server and how much you put image on your site. too many image with high resolution will make the page loading so slow~ try to resize your image and reduce the quality. and don't put to much advertising on your site, cause...
  10. parklambo

    Enjoy my music site !

    ehmm... actually i don't understand the language :wink: but yeah, the design is really simple...
  11. parklambo

    still cannot use my domain please help.

    please solve the problem for me please: my domain is
  12. parklambo

    i cannot add domain - it's say already configured, please help me!

    when i try to add domain it say "error from (blablabla) IP" and when i try it again it say "Error from park wrapper: is already configured." btw my domain is please help me~:frown: (acctually i want to post my problem to this thread...