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  1. riquez

    Unable to log into cpanel

    in the account management you can reset your cpanel password - its on the right side menu.
  2. riquez

    Wesbite virgin

    ".. Microsoft Office Publisher" That is the root of your problem right there. I looked at your website html code, & for the small amount of content you have on there it should be less than 100 lines of html - but you have about 2000 lines of unnecessary garbage. I've been designing &...
  3. riquez

    Password Problems **FIX**

    The past week or so I've been unable to FTP or use cPanel because my password is rejected. I issued a ticket, but havent heard back yet. Anyway, I found a way to fix the problem by logging in to my account management & resetting the cPanel Password (option on right side) within a few minutes...
  4. riquez

    cPanel reports failure to login

    Yesterday evening I noticed I couldnt log in to cPanel or FTP. At first i wondered if i was getting the user/pass wrong, but im certain i am not. I can log in to account management & forums, but not using ftp or cPanel. My account was suspended because i didnt use the Account Management and...