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  1. school2soccer56

    Make money my basically replying to this thread!

    Hey that sounds good, lets set it up! Also, I know this works now because I just got 1.10 to my account :)
  2. school2soccer56

    Make money my basically replying to this thread!

    Hey Guys, so I found some thing quite cool. They may be a post on this already tho! Here's how this works: 1) Click all Twitters in the thread. 2) Click all links with -AD at the end of the tweet. 3) Make a Twitter. 4) Create a MyLikes account. 5) Put a few ads on the Twitter from...
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    about x10

    Ohh, you too?
  4. school2soccer56

    SpeedTest.Net Not working for me

    HOLY SH** OMG! Thats amazing!!!
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    Why so many problems on X10hosting compared to other free hosts

    x10hosting is actually reallly great, it just has alot of users and it adds to the downtime. But, I haven't really had alot of problems thus far.
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    I want to go visual

    Do you have any website that I can use to learn from? Again, I only know console codes
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    I want to go visual

    Programing Visual Codes Hey, I've been here for a few months now, and I've learned that people here know their codes xD I want to get out of the internetz and out of cmd, and go to the visiual world. I've taught myself C, C++, HTML, PHP and Pascal. All of these relate to codes that run on the...
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    Hello World!

    Hello! Welcome to x10hosting! To keep your hosting account active, you must login to the forums at least once every 31 days! :)
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    Hi all, quick question....

    Hello! Welcome to x10hosting! It may take around 36-72 hours for your hosting account to be activated. It's depends on how large the server queue is :) Happy Hosting!
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    Hello! Welcome to x10hosting!
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    comó está la gente

    Saludos a usted! Bienvenido a x10hosting! Si tiene alguna pregunta, la gente en el español fourm puede ayudarle!
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    Hola Amigos! Quiero darles la bienvenida a x10hosting. Usted tendrá una experiencia agradable aquí. Tenemos muchos empleados maravillosa aquí. Esta es la versión Inglés al sitio, pero se puede visitar la versión en español aquí: Feliz Hosting!
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    hola people

    Hola! Bienvenido a x10hosting! Por favor, visite para la versión española del sitio web!
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    Hola! Bienvenido a x10hosting! Esto es sobre todo la versión en Inglés del foro. Usted puede visitar y serán capaces de dar un mejor servicio!
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    Is iPod touch 4 worth it?

    This is a very good blog about your issue:
  16. school2soccer56

    i like computers

    Nope. Thanks not a bad thing at all! :p
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    Hosting service questions

    If a support ticket was added to your account, then a Community Support Personnel will be assisting you shortly. General questions can also be answered by reffering to the TOS:
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    Hello, This is not the best place to post this. I would recommend opening a support thread here: and someone from our dedicated support staff can help you out :) -Regards
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    Guess Who Posts Next

    [23:08:51] <brandon> What's your forum username? [23:08:59] <thereisanIRC> school2soccer56 [23:10:26] <brandon> U [23:11:03] <brandon> keep bugging me [23:11:07] <brandon> in that forum thread [23:11:14] <thereisanIRC> :3 [23:11:22] <thereisanIRC> lol :p This made my day! hahaha :)
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    Most annoying gaming moment?

    I cannot stand it when users are lagging. If a person does not have the computer capabilities to play an intense game; then they should not be playing an intense game!! Its worse if the person is lagging on purpose :) also campers