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  1. masterchief3k

    FileWeb I am working on building a software and hardware related pc site. Mostly containing free software, Open Source Software and trialware, kind of like, but including more in-depth user interaction. It also contains hardware news, and...
  2. masterchief3k

    Do i need ads in cutenews?

    do i need ads in cutenews? what about phpbb admin area? i have ads everywhere else.
  3. masterchief3k

    Ad question

    is there a way to get ads in joomla's admin backend? do i even need ads in joomla's backend?
  4. masterchief3k

    Ads in joomla Admin Panel

    do i need ads in the joomla admin panel?
  5. masterchief3k

    Oh NOES. (ad issue)

    Ads are having an error!!!! AHHHhhhh...ok can this be fixed? :ohnoes: EDIT: NEVERMIND.
  6. masterchief3k

    Please upgrade PHP?

    for fusion news to work i think it needs php version 5...if anyone else has fusion php 3.6.5 please tell me...otherwise upgrade php....thanks!
  7. masterchief3k

    Joomla Doesn't install right.

    Read the title...I can't get into administartion or anything, someone help?
  8. masterchief3k

    I need some FREE post nuke and mambo themes...

    Can someone get me a few good sites of *FREE* Post-Nuke and Mambo themes? I need to ddecide what CMS i will use...
  9. masterchief3k


    What was the "Testing. Hold on a minute. :) " all about?
  10. masterchief3k

    Broken cPanel!

    My cPanel doesn't work at all!
  11. masterchief3k

    cPanel? uhhhh....

    Need help! cPanel is being slow and taking up all of my bandwidth and slowing my internet down and not working and unlimited megabytes???? Look at this!
  12. masterchief3k

    My site wasn't made last night at midnight!!

    I had a bypass code too! and my gmail address! why don't i have an account? Username:mc3k Tell me? is it still in the database will it be made? wasn't it supposed to be made at midnight?
  13. masterchief3k

    Bored Testing!

    Well ok lets just go totally off topic!
  14. masterchief3k

    Trying to sign up for the third time...

    I just tried to sign up and my domain is taken and my username is taken..i tried and nothing is there....i didn't get an email with account info or anything...:roflwtf:
  15. masterchief3k

    Drawing for new accounts in 3 minutes!!

    Drawing for new accounts in 3 minutes!!!!!! w000000000t:gtfo2: gimme one lol! they are doing it now!! leik OMG! aww no email....COME ON.........:crying:
  16. masterchief3k

    The OLDER signup system!

    I liked it much better....frankly i hate the lottery system. I think our signups should be submitted and fulfilled in the order they are taken.:dunno:
  17. masterchief3k

    Looking for a lottery bybass code!

    i GOTTA GET MY SITE UP BY APRIL 1ST! anyone have a bypass code i could use???
  18. masterchief3k

    why was the acne game reset????

    why??? I HAD THE TOP SCORE WAHHHH i had a 10.200!!!:drama: :drama: :drama:
  19. masterchief3k

    All hosting accounts instant...

    I think it would ease a workload off of the admins and mods...have the servers deal with making accounts. just no FORCED ads just the same but automated...i was just thinking.....
  20. masterchief3k

    instant hosting system?

    Theres instant setup now? that'd be cool!